Friday, May 14, 2010

Favorite Children's Book

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today I'm participating in Kelly's Korner "Show Me Your Life" posts because I cannot ever pass up an opportunity to brag on my cousin, the author. If you are looking for an AMAZING children's book that your kids will grow up and say, "One of my most special times was when you read...", then you want to get "Me With You." It's about the relationship a grandparent has with their grandchild, but it can translate to any special relationship we have in our lives. The illustrations are timeless and heartwarming. Check out this great trailer of when her book came out last year, and then RUN to your local Barnes and Noble and get one!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday Hoopla!

I hesitate to blog at all anymore! I've stunk my blog up here lately, but we've had two very specials birthdays at our house that need to be written about! The photos of said birthdays may be few, but let's try to paint a pretty picture of the ones celebrated!!
We have a 12 year old in the HOUSE!!!(McKenna is pictured in the middle)
I think that we are actually still celebrating McKenna's birthday. It seems to have been a few weeks long celebration from breaking her out of school early the weekend of her birthday to taking off to Columbia for "The Rock and Worship Roadshow" on the actual day of her birthday.

McKenna is our firstborn. We first learned to be parents through her, and she teaches us more how to do that everyday. There are so many words that describe McKenna, but here are a few...

M - marvelous C - Child of God (we're so thankful she calls God her Father!)
K - kindhearted...always thinks of others
E - everyone's friend
N - non-stop worker...amazing work ethic
N - nice, courteous, gracious
A -An AMAZING daughter
McKenna is, quite simply, a blessing to know. She shows me everyday that while she is my child, she is also my friend. I love talking to her and learning from her. She genuinely loves others and you will not find a more servant-hearted person. Our precious firstborn is growing into a beautiful young woman. Each year with you, McKenna, is a gift to us. If you know McKenna, you LOVE her!
The latest birthday in the house was for Jeff! He's 38 years young! We've had lots of fun celebrating as a family and with friends. So many people have a love for Jeff...he's known by many and a friend to all, but for us, he's an amazing husband and father. He's someone that never lets a day go by without it being evident that we are his priority. He makes us laugh. He challenges us to be better and work harder. He walks with the Father so closely that the overflow of that is the love he pours out on you when you are with him. He is never content with being the same, but he is always on a path to being better and stronger! I'm so thankful for how hard he works for us and takes care of us. One day a year is not a long enough celebration of just how we feel to know you, Jeff. You fill our hearts up! We love you!