Monday, March 30, 2009

Just My Civic Duty....

to inform you of any GIVEAWAY I come across. Check out this site for a Noodles and Milk giveaway. There you will find all of the directions you need to become a winner! Would love to know if you win, so comment back and let me know.

On to other news...Yesterday was an AWESOME day at LifeSong Church! We left the building to invest in the lives of others in our community. This was not a "door to door, let me tell ya about LifeSong" day. This was a day to take time and look around at all the needs around us and pray about how God would have you meet these needs and DO IT TO IT! We distributed over $1300 to families in attendance at LifeSong yesterday and waited to hear how God chose to use our people to show the love of Christ in practical ways to our community. THIS is my love language, y'all! I love hearing how people are blessing others and receiving blessings in return. Hop on over to my husband's blog and read all of these great stories. It is very much like my "Pay it Forward" post a while back, but OH SO MUCH BETTER to see firsthand!

The girls are on Spring Break this week. We have no concrete plans, but today we took a day of rest and we all slept in! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I stuck my earplugs in and didn't even hear Jeff leave to go to work! Gotta love that! Hopefully we'll see the outdoors this week and take a day to go to the park.

Quinn is keeping us smiling these days! She may be 25 months, but this child knows the culture around her. Today she told us, "I want to have that iPod!" iPod??? Since when did one of your children's first few complete sentences contain the word 'ipod'?

For any friends that may live in the area, check out our Aroma blog in our women's ministry at LifeSong, and consider taking part in our first ever COMMUNITY Bible study. We'll be studying "Esther" by Beth Moore. No question that you'll love it, but the question is, "will you come?" I would be honored to have you!

Hopefully, we'll update this week with pictures of our Spring Break! Happy Spring Y'all!

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