Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I love that God has blessed me with so many wonderful friends from all over the world. In my day to day life, I'm learning that God has given me a safe haven to lean on and trust in. It has been a hard journey to find that, and I'm so thankful for the peace I've found in having people to trust and who genuinely love me. That desire to have that love and investment in my life was most definitely born out of an amazing background of growing up in a boarding school, where the girls you lived with in the dorm became your sisters and your best friends. I'm so blessed that now, 20 and 25 years later, we still can't go very long without seeing one another. Two years ago we reunited in Dallas. This year, we reunited in Phoenix, Arizona, where my best friend, Lana, lives.We had such a good time spending our days hitting every great restaurant in the city (well, maybe not 'every', but my waistline is saying A LOT of them!), watching movies and looking at old pictures from high school (there was a whole lot of bad hair going on in those pics) and listening to a ton of 80's/90's music so we could relive the "good 'ole days"! I've known Lana since we met in Costa Rica, where our parents were in language school. We both bonded over how much resentment we had for our parents making us move to another country!! ;) I've known Camille since our parents served in Caracas, Venezuela together, and I've known Amy since my first visit to our boarding school, Christiansen Academy. She was the first person I met there, and later ended up being a roommate there numerous semesters. Lastly, my sister, Missy, and I shared most of our friends growing up, so of course she joined me for the trip!
Here's some great highlights of our time together....
Our day trip to Sedona

A Chapel in Sedona

Lana and Amy

Camille and Missy

Missy and Me

All of us

Lana and me
Amy and Amy!


Vanessa said...

I love those special times with "old" friends. Glad you had a good time! Hope we can meet up again sometime soon.

Amroosie said...

Hey mom i missed you when you away,but i'm glad you had a good time!