Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Day for Random

As I look around at my house today, all that comes to mind is the word Random! I have half-done projects all over the house. Project is the word that I like to use for housework. It makes it sound like I have a real job. According to many in this world, staying at home with my kids is not a real job. Ummmm! I'm sure that people have an assumption or opinion as to why I stay at home. I know that they may think I am wasting a perfectly good Bachelor of Science degree. Trust me. My focus was in Social Work! I do that here at home! The reason I stay at home is because it is a commitment that Jeff and I made before God. I have always felt called to be a mom. I can remember as a teenager dreaming about a house full of children. I got the house full and the surprise is that they are all girls! Fun, fun, fun. I struggle with my calling, though. Oftentimes I feel like some look down on me for not contributing to our family income...especially in this season of life where Jeff is working a secular job and our financial is more of a stress. Can I tell you, this season of our life is more rewarding. Yes, we beat our head against the wall most days wondering, "what are we doing?" The road may be hard, but it is truly WORTH it! There is really no other place I would rather be than in the center of God's will! I look around and God has blessed us tremendously. We have four girls that actually like us! That may change in a few years, but we'll enjoy the present for now! We love our home. Although some have said verbally and said with their looks that we should get rid of our house, know one ever asks how God provided this home for us. We prayed and asked Him to show His favor upon us and He did, and for that we are so grateful. He has allowed us to use this home to show His love to others, and each day we give it to Him to use as He would please. He has also given us a multitude of friends. I look back at the past years and we are still friends with people that we met years and years ago. We are so thankful for friends that believe in us and support us. Finally, God has given us a church where we believe, passionately, that God is going to allow us to be even a PART of what He is doing there. What an honor!
So, this post started off talking about random things in my life right now. Here are a few random Hickman Happenings that happened over the last few days.
Jeff...still working like a mad dog; had the opportunity to fish recently; is obsessed with reading a great book that I can't remember the name of right now; he cut the grass the other day - the first cut of the season. He didn't wear a mask, so now his a little snotty! :(

Amy...you already know I have lots of half projects going on; I went to yard sales with my friend, Lynn, on Saturday. I got a bookcase for $5, a wrought iron piece for $5, and two box sets of landscape lights for $5/box. Yay! I have been a doctor this week; Jeff and I started South Beach, but don't expect to see me in a bikini ever! We enjoyed dinner Saturday night with our dear friends and family in the ministry, Tim and Lynn. Great Steaks!

McKenna...went to Alaina's b'day party Friday night and spent the night. She came back loaded up with crafts they made; She has been helping her Daddy with yardwork. I may post a picture of what they did to my shrubs soon! She has been shooting some serious basketball lately. Maybe we have a star in our future!

Bailey...Suddenly looks like she has hit the teenage years. Jeff and I think she looks so grown up lately; her latest obsession is going to the Book Fair this week; she is enjoying some Moon Shoes that I got her at the yard sales on Sat. ($1)

Avery...she is home with me today with strep throat, but doesn't seem to know you are supposed to rest with that! She told me the other day she had a leg rush. We I asked her what that was she told me it was like a bottom rush. Still clueless, Bailey chimed in and told me not "rush," but it's "rash." Ummmm.

Quinn...has seen her sister's tapping my arm and calling me "mama," so she now goes around the house yelling, "Maaaaaaaama!!" I love it! I also think, despite doctors saying this happens later, that she is going to be left-handed like her Mama. I'm not partial! Nope!

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