Monday, April 7, 2008

What? A Mission Trip to Vegas!

That's right! We went on a mission trip to Las Vegas. I have to say, and this is coming from a "real live" missionary kid (never have understood why people say that), it was the BEST mission trip I have ever been on. Really! We saw God change lives, and really, it was primarily our lives He changed. Never have I been so challenged to pray, so challenged to just be me, or so challenged to keep hoping for more and more of God's favor. God showed up! He wanted to show up!
This trip was highly personal for us. You see, my church, LifeSong Lyman wants to invest in new church starts. God gave us LifeSong Las Vegas as a vision that was doable about two years ago. Our very dear friends, Bobby and Britt Tyler had, in essence, been in our very shoes. They, too, had been in churches that were good churches, yet lacked vision to outreach the community and world around them. They, too, had been somewhat hurt by the church, but we all four would never say that it left us still. It was quite possibly the best thing that could ever happen to us. It prompted us to be different than what we've been used to.
We want to see the church as not a place you go, but it is the very heart of who you are. No longer do we desire to say or hear, "I am getting dressed and ready to go to church," but we, instead, want to get dressed and ready each and everyday to BE the church with whomever it is that we meet on a daily basis. People are looking to fit into your church's schedule. They are looking for a life they can relate to on a day to day basis. So, that is what we went to show the people of Vegas.
All too often we teach our kids to turn their eyes away from the gross sin of Vegas. What we need to be telling them is these people in the casinos or the sex industry NEED Jesus just like we all do. None of us was worthy of a Savior, yet God the Father sent us one. We had the privilege of going into these places and prayerwalking, really looking into the eyes of people that most always are empty. We prayerwalked neighborhoods, pleading with the Father to claim them for His own. We knocked door to door inviting people to a Free Block Party, and hit about 3000 homes, of which 500 showed up for yesterday! Praise the Lord. One of our very own leaders among the Baptist association even told us not to knock on doors because that might offend someone if you woke them up! What?!! I say wake 'em up! That is the balance between heaven and hell right there! God had to make me uncomfortable for me to realize my need for Him. People might just be waiting for the same.
Be BOLD for God. I don't mean to sound cliche. Really, though. Be BOLD for Him. In every area of your life, just go BIG! Pray BIG. Give BIG. Love BIG. I cannot go away and have the Lord challenge me without coming home to challenge you. Be the church to everyone you meet. There is a world waiting for you! I am ready to go back to Vegas, but in the meantime I'll be praying for the faces I saw there. Will you pray, too?

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