Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So, the week for Halloween has finally arrived. In years past, our family has not been big fans of Halloween. It scared the girls, and even though we still try to be cautious of what they are exposed to, our church has had an opportunity to minister to families in the midst of a holiday that Satan certainly seeks to have influence over. We take a food truck to the mill village and hand out free food. Last year, 1000 people were fed, and we pray there are many more this year. It really makes me think how we, as Christians, can protect ourselves, though, from being influenced by evil. I recently read a post on praying for our children, and I believe that, whether you see it or not, our children need an extra measure of prayer this week...that their hearts and minds will be guarded....that their hearts and mind are inundated with the Truth....that they see the opportunities all around them to be Light. This may even go so far as to what costume you choose for your child. I won't tell you what our children are going to be, because I want to do a fun poll today to see if you can guess. I will tell you what they will NOT be, however. They will not be masquerading as ghosts, as witches (on a sidenote...there are no GOOD witches, so they won't be that either), demons, some gross person with an ax in their head, a wizard or anything that would contradict the Light we seek to walk in. I don't want to set my kids up for fear in their life, nor make them susceptible to Enemy attack, so while the choice of their costume may be petty to some of you reading this, I desire to protect them and encourage you to do the same. What an honor it is, rather, to teach them to walk in the Light even when they are faced with Darkness.
So, what do you do for fun for Halloween, because I do believe we can foster new thoughts about the day for our kids, so share your ideas. Also, think I should dress up this year? What should I be? Trust me, a mom of four daughters is taken. Check out my best friend Amy's costume. She was "eye candy." Brilliant!!!
Make sure you participate in my poll. See if you can match the correct daughter with the correct costume. I'll post pictures next week to let you see if you were right. Just a little Fall, Halloween fun for us!

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