Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Wednesday

My friend, Tricia, tagged me to tell 7 random things about myself, so here goes...

1. Today is my birthday. I'm not sure that is random, but it is what it is. Today I am 35 years old.

2. I can't swim! I am OK above water, but I still have to hold my nose underwater.

3. I am NOT fond of the color pink. It's just not may favorite. I even had friends tell people to not go overboard on pink at all four girls' baby showers. I may wear it occasionally, but there will never be a pink room in my house, or most certainly NEVER pink lipstick on my lips!

4. I have never been to a prom. At my boarding school, apparently proms were of the Devil, so we called them "banquets" instead. So, you can pretty much conclude that I do not know how to dance either because yes, there were no dances in my high school.

5. I sleep with the covers tight around my neck at night b/c when I was seven I watched old "Dracula" movies with my dad and became afraid of vampire attacks at night. For years it was a real fear, but now, it's just habit.

6. I do not like to take messages for my husband. I'll do it, but I have way too many people say, "tell Jeff this" or "tell Jeff that." I can't keep up with all of that!

7. I have consumed at least 5 bags of candy corn BY MYSELF so far this fall! I am not ashamed of it, really. I enjoyed every minute of it!
So, there ya have it...that's what's on my mind today! I tag Martha, Mama, and Missy. If you want to be tagged, feel free! Tag away!

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Candystn30 said...

happy birthday girl...LOL im so there with you on 3 things
1. I hate pink was so glad to have a little bit of blue come into my life
2. I Won't rely messages to shane!! NOPE not gonna do it LOL
3. I LOVE CANDY CORN PUMPKINS!! and I am also Not ashamed to admit it either YUMMY FALL ROCKS :)

happy birthday and hope it was AMAZING :)