Monday, November 3, 2008

And the results are...

Well, many of you voted, and there was not even a prize to be had. So, here are the results of what my girls were for Halloween. I have heard many of your guesses when I ran into you over the weekend, but here are the answers for the rest of you who have been checking in all weekend on the edge of your seats hoping I would post the results! (Really, I hope that is not you!).

(McKenna as an player, to be exact...sorry, I didn't take a full body shot)

(Bailey as a cheerleader...Goooooo, Bailey!)

(Avery as the most unhappy Hannah Montana ever! She despised the wig, and took it off 10 minutes after this picture was made!)

(My little butterfly fairy)

We had a good weekend. It was so, so, so busy. Friday night we really enjoyed Trick or Treating in the village here in our town. Our church fed 802 people hot dogs, but many, many more came by our food truck, so there was some contact made with many more than that number.
My sister, Missy, brought her two youngest daughters, Madyson and Ashlyn, to hang out with us while we all trick or treated. We had such a good time. She and I are just alike - stay an hour and then head over to the Burger King and go home and eat in peace! That is just what we did.
The kids had their fill of going house to house, so we enjoyed the rest of the night in peace...somewhat. Mind you, the kids were jacked up on candy. ;)

On Saturday, I helped with a very special baby shower for a dear friend of mine, Bonnie. She had a very intimate, Tiffany jewelry themed, baby shower. All the ladies dressed up in their black outfits and we bling, blinged ourselves out! I, somewhat, catered, the affair, but I am the Queen of cheating, so I didn't make everything. It was yummy, though.

I rushed back from the shower and took my girls - minus Quinn- to see High School Musical 3. I admit it...I was riveted to the screen. It's a very cute movie. I would have totally gotten up in the theater and danced if my girls would've let me. The music was....catchy! ;)

Church was awesome yesterday, too. We saw over 320 people attend yesterday. Surely I don't have to point out that we're not about the numbers, but we know that number means more lives are being touched, so we're excited to count each Sunday. Jeff began a series on Body Fit. That's all I'm sayin'. It's going to be a very convicting next five weeks! I don't like to think body fitness at all this time of year with what...all the soups, the pumpkin pie blizzards, the casseroles..the holidays!!! Stop me now!!!!!

Hope your weekend was great. I'm going to try and post more pictures of my weekend. For some reason, I reached my quota with those last pictures.

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The Blessed Bryants said...

I'll be there to get you in a few minutes for a pumpkin pie blizzard!! :-)