Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updating You...

For me, writing is pretty theraputic, but lately, the words won't come, or either I am moving around too much to listen for them. At any rate, my blogging has taken a serious hit. Maybe it's because I get on a streak where I think I should be funny, and then a little serious, and a whole lot random. That seems to be my pattern, at least! At any rate, lucky for you, it's a random day! Here's a peek at what we've been up to - some of it in pictures, some of it in words! I'll start with the Big Man.....

Jeff - Well, bless him...he's been on fast forward x's three lately! I really don't see him functioning any other way, but we rate Jeff's busyness on speed around here, and it's definitely been one of those "crazy" times. He has had lots of irons in the fire, and all the good kind, so that only means lots of good things in the works! God has blessed him so much lately with opportunities to share His love for Christ, as well as the vision God has given him for LifeSong. We are really beginning to see this desire for community transformation being fleshed out. You'll see some of what I'm talking about in pictures coming up.
Oh! On a sad note, Jeff's car, Bessie, has been dying a slow and painful death. I'm not so sure how sad Jeff is about it, other than the fact that it's a blessing she's going (finally), but a pressure to find a new Bessie, with a better, more fancy sort of name, of course! Bessie was a blessing, though, and while Jeff could care less what he drives around, we just want something that doesn't smoke up the area around him when he's stopped at a stoplight! :)

Amy - I, being the mom and all, benefit from everyone's busyness, so when I throw my own in there, it can be sheer chaos, coupled with a headache that lasts for a full blown week! Even good chaos has side effects!
I have had the honor of beginning a Community Bible study in my town. It is amazing to me that I've had a front row seat to seeing all of this unfold. I am in love with the wh
ole notion of hanging out with other women anyway for fellowship, and pair that up with an incredible Beth Moore study, well, then you have got the makings for an incredible 9 weeks! We have seen 43 ladies come be a part of this, with 20 kids being taken care of in our KidsLife, so their mommies can delve into God's word! My prayer is that it is not in vain, and we keep all this goodness to ourselves, but we'll leave the building and put our hands to work transforming our community. I'll keep you updated on all of that. I've had lots of fun lately doing other stuff, but this has definitely been the highlight of the last weeks for me!

McKenna - We continue to be so proud of McKenna's progress in school. She brought home an awesome report card this week. She works hard for her grades and we're tickled at how this is paying off for her. She is fast approaching her 11th birthday. I'm kinda, sorta, A LOT having anxiety over this! I'm not old enough to have an 11 year old!
McKenna starts soccer today. We are excited that she has made the choice to do this and see her really taking it seriously because it's been a long road leading her to this point. So proud of her courage!

Bailey - Bailey has been working super hard lately. She has taken on more responsibility here at home and at school. She stays ON TOP of the social scene in life, so we always know what is going on with everyone else!
She is the best encourager to her friends, and loyal thro
ugh and through.
She recently helped one of our Pastors on the day of our Community wide Egg Hunt by tracking the Easter Bunny around town on its way to our church for the Egg Hunt. She took some pictures and helped lead the way for people to come!

Avery - I am most proud of Avery. She has worked so hard on her school work, housework, and played hard in the process. She is fast approaching the end of first grade, and we are so proud to see her trying so hard to end well. She is working toward her goal of getting her ears
pierced when she turns eight in September. I think we'll be seeing some cute earrings come fall!

Quinn - Either she's the fastest two year old ever, or I'm the slowest Mommy ever! Keeping up with Quinn is work! She is very social, very happy and very, very into everything! She is slowly taking to potty training. I am just not as enthusiastic as I was with the other girls. I could beat myself up for not having her trained before two years like they were, but life is much different now than it was then. Back then, I didn't leave the house for anything, but I had to decide years ago that had to stop and I had to venture out and live a little! My attitude is better because of it, but it makes things like potty training like "Oh, it will come..." Anyway, Quinn has been enjoying days at the park with friends, talking my ear off (I may have heard her say "shut up" to Avery the other day...she has older sisters, people!) and just cuddling with me as much as possible. We have so much fun together everyday. We read, play and dance! She can get her groove on!

Enjoy these pictures of some special stuff we've done lately!
(a day at the park!)

(got to go hear Karen Kingsbury her!)

(Kite Day at LifeSong)

(Quinn and her little kite)

(plane flying overhead to drop Golden Eggs at our LifeSong Egg Hunt)

(a great crowd at the Egg Hunt!)

(precious sisters going to hunt eggs!)

(Quinn decided to "hide out" in her stroller from the Easter Bunny...She said, "It scare me!")


Alli said...

So great to hear about the bible study, Amy! That's awesome! So since you called it a Community Bible study, is it held somewhere other than your church?

Amroosie said...

No, we didn't hold it anywhere else LifeSong is so much in the community (more than the building )that people know we offer our building to serve the community anyway. We actually have more people from the community than LifeSong, too, which I am excited about! ;) Drop in if you're in town some Monday!

Alli said...

Thanks! I just might! :)