Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Let's all let out a collective happy sigh.....Vacation is on the horizon. It's time! I could not have waited a second longer, really. Once you know you're going, it can't get here fast enough. No matter what time of year, vacations should be mandatory. It is a great source of refueling for us and we come back feeling refreshed and ready to go tackle whatever. I always grew up taking the best vacations. No matter how busy our lives were, my parents could travel! They always made the time to take us to some neat places. I've been to Disney, the beach(es), almost every State in the Western US, and many, many more places. Now, Jeff and I want to take the girls to places that they will remember always and spend time with them, making memories. Cheesy, huh? It's true, though. We have always had the most fun on our trips, and even though we come back a little worn out, there's still that feeling of completely feeling relaxed and ready to go when we come home. So, I can't wait to come back and share lots of pics of our time away. We're doing the beach thing this year. It's where we love the most! So, here's to tans, walks on the beach, eating out and much, much more!

Here's some pics of June so far....

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