Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lazy Days of May Heading into June

It can no longer be said...well, not much longer anyway...that these are lazy days because school is letting out soon and I'm "skeered." I normally have a very well-planned out time for my girls. Mind you, my planning is not for their cultural well-being. There are no trips to museums, latin lessons, or gourmet cooking classes to attend. There is however, usually, every opportunity for a "kid to be a kid." Along the way, they are cultured, and being bilingual myself, I might speak to them in Spanish, just so they feel like I'm smart, and that they have been enlightened. We, instead, take trips to whomever will loan us a pool, eat Mexican food (hello, opportunity to speak Spanish) and we grill out (no gourmet, but my girls do love to help their Mama in the kitchen...errr, outdoor kitchen). So, I'm taking the approach of bring it on SUMMER! Show us whatcha got! We're ready to be thrilled, surprised and just plain carefree!

OK, OK, this may last a full week for me. I am, after all, a gal who loves a plan!

So, here we go, taking the leap to summer. We do have plans to go on vacation here, grill every meal outdoors that we possibly can, visit the grandparents (hello, grandparents, get our rooms ready!), go to church here, and whatever else may surprise us. Until then, here's a little glimpse of what May has been like for us.Duh, of course you know this!
McKenna finished Soccer up
I had a makeover party with some girlfriends. :-)I'm the only one you get to see be a guinea pig...well, at least in public anyway! ;)the end result of the hair color changeA little plantingThis is a permanent site at our home during the summerQuinn is fascinated by the caterpillarLymanfestThis is just cute!


Holly said...

I like the new hair colour, very cool.:)

meghan said...

your girls are so cute!!! i love lil quinnn to death!! i love you and your family...MayMayGurl!!!( Larrys nickname for Me)