Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Random. That's What It Is!

I just pretty much don't have a lot to write about these days. It's not like we're bored around here or anything, but we just seem to pretty much sum up our days by playing, cleaning, eating ice cream, playing some more, and cleaning some more...lots of time in the sun....lots of time with people we love. It has pretty much been what summer should be.

I (Amy) did take on a new venture. I began as a consultant for Southern Living at Home. I really have always loved their products and business, and after some time, decided it was TIME for me to have a little outlet of my own. I told the girls it was a job, but really, it doesn't feel like one. It's a whole lotta fun, with a cherry on top! I love interacting with people, so I think the party aspect of SLAH is going to be my favorite. So, if you are ever interested in having a party, I will come...I will travel to you (well, you know...within reason ! :0) ). It will be fun for all!

We are gearing up at LifeSong for a huge...and I DO MEAN HUGE...fireworks show for our community to celebrate the 4th. We actually have it on the 3rd just so it is more available to people that may have other plans on the 4th. We checked today and there is no other fireworks show like this until you get to Charlotte, so if you are in the area, come by. We will start gathering on the lawn (bring your lawn chair) around 8pm. There will be concessions, music, fellowship (my favorite part!) and fireworks are promised! A company comes from Charleston and last year was AWESOME! It's FREE!

The girls are doing great! They are little tanned things, soaking up every ray of sun they can! Hopefully, I can nab some new pictures of them soon...if they would stay inside long enough for me to get some.

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