Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Newsletter

Here at the end of the year, here's a little "catching you up" on our 2009. We are grateful for each of you and continue to be so incredibly grateful for the investment you make in our lives and our ministry. Continue to pray for us, that God would guide our steps to go right in the center of His will!

Jeff - This has been an incredible year for Jeff as Lead Pastor at LifeSong Church. God has used him to be a part of seeing lives changed, our community impacted and a look into the future of where LifeSong needs to focus. He has been a part of a coaching network of six other pastors that meet once a month under the mentoring of two other pastors. This has been an incredibly encouraging time for him, as well as a challenge to always become a better leader.
Of course, with football season ending soon with college bowl games and Super Bowls, I always worry he might go into a depression, but he has thoroughly enjoyed his favorite hobby these last few months.
He and I have just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on the 17th of this month.
I am so thankful for the man of God that Jeff is and continues to become. He leads our family well and loves me completely. There's no greater gift than to be Jeff's wife!

Amy - I feel more and more like I live in the car everyday. With a span of ages of almost 12 down to almost 3 years old, I feel like my brain is living in two different worlds most of the time. I'm carting kids to and from school, watching a whole LOT of Dora and Diego, and trying to stay consistent in my responsibilities everyday. I wouldn't trade a minute of it. I'm convinced it's the #1 way that God challenges me, humbles me, and grows me as a person by continuing to have me be home with my girls!
Aside from full time Mommy, I began a hobby/job as a Southern Living at Home consultant. I have really enjoyed the party aspect of things...meeting people from all walks of life. I probably enjoy the "booking parties" part the least, but it has been something that I've been able to make my own and still have it provide a little extra income for our family.
I continue to believe firmly that God has given me a specific ministry to the lives of women. It feels slow going at times, but I'm so very thankful for how God uses this ministry in my life to not only impact the lives of women, but to grow me as well. We begin our new Community Ladies' Bible study in January, and I'm always anxious be a part of having a front row seat to women growing in their love relationship with their Father!

McKenna - We have an almost 12 year old come April! Crazy!! We have continually seen McKenna on her own path with that she hears Him speak to her about and that she obeys to follow. She is passionate about her role as AWANA secretary in our LifeSong Kidz area of ministry. She prepares during the week, adds special touches and wakes up early every Sunday morning to go to church with her Dad so that she can serve her ministry well! To say we are proud of her is an understatement.
She is doing so well in school. 6th grade has proved to be HER year. She has a ton of friends and next month we will go attend her induction into the National Beta Club! Her Mama "might" have cried over the invitation! (wink, wink).
She plans to play soccer in the spring/summer and will start sewing lessons next month, but whatever Kenna does, we know she will put her whole heart into it!

Bailey -Bailey will turn 10 on the 27th. 4th grade has been a very busy year for Bailey! She has an incredible amount of homework everyday, but she has done so well in all of her subjects, and her first 9 weeks saw her name on the Honor Roll. She is on the Pride Patrol team for the month of December, so she gets to school early to help kids to their classrooms and the running and talking in the hallways to a minimum! ;) She has been taking private art classes this year and we are AMAZED at her talent. She is doing so well. We've also seen her put her love for music and theater to practice. She is in chorus at school and was chosen for Honors Chorus for our school district, had a part in LifeSongs Mortality Room at Halloween, and can constantly be heard singing and seen being a DRAMA QUEEN a lot ! ;)

Avery - Avery is doing incredibly well in school this year, too. She is 8yrs old and in 2nd grade. She has made straight As the first nine weeks and we've seen her develop a real love for reading this year. She might not LOVE homework and comes up with every excuse in the book not to do it, but nonetheless, she is finding she loves Math more than anything, and is in love with Magic Tree House books! She loves playing with her friend, Andrew, everyday after school. They've been working diligently on building a fort everyday in our backyard.
Avery just lives life to the fullest and on "full steam ahead!!"

Quinn - Quinn has probably changed the most. She talks 90 miles a minute and doesn't hesitate to tell you what she REALLY thinks! She is obsessed with Dora and Diego right now, loves to read books and anytime she can be outside she loves swing HIGHER!! She will turn 3 in February, and she has zero interest in the potty, yet she can tell you everyone's schedule and probably even cook a meal if she set her mind to it. She's our baby, though, so we may have let a lot slide with her. She is a joy to us and a constant source of laughter! She calls us "Mom" and "Dad," loves her sisters with her WHOLE heart, has a boyfriend named Aiden (of whom she is VERY possessive), and loves anything to do with music.

We pray God's very best for you this year! May 2010 be a year of great promise, love and laughter! We love you!!


Kris said...

I read your comment on Kelly's Korner and had to let you know I also have one of SL's decorative card holders. I have my Christmas cards on it this year and I LOVE it! BTW, your girls are beautiful. . . hope y'all have a Merry Christmas!

Vanessa said...

Merry Christmas!