Friday, December 4, 2009

We Love our Ministry Family

This past Tuesday Jeff and I hosted our annual Ministry Family Dinner Party. Truly...and you may deem me corny for this...but it's my biggest JOY at Christmas time. I plan months ahead for this day. I generally know my menu for the evening in October, and my table setting is something I dream about all year long. I love the little touches that make them feel special. I pray that the food goes off without a hitch. (I way underestimated one year at a previous church and it was a total embarrassment that haunts me to this day!). So, this year, despite the fact that we are way overly busy people, we finally managed to coordinate our schedules. I never sent out a formal invite because of the back and forth planning, and that will haunt me, I'm sure (cause I'm anal like that!), but the night couldn't have been more special! And lest you think we were civilized about it because it's called a "Dinner Party," take a look at our pictures and you'll discover that we only get together to laugh and be ourselves, and some of us found ourselves to be a little silly this particular night! We are very grateful for our Ministry Family. We are definitely all unique and bring our own gifts to the table, and that table might look a little whacky, a little shy, have leaders, have followers...but, we all love each other and realize when we spend time together like we did, that it's way to0 infrequent, but way FUN when we have it!

Our Tree

Brian and Barbie George
He's our Pastor of Administration

Allan and Debbie Smith
He's our Pastor of Families

Tim and Lynn Lyda
He's our Pastor of Discipleship

Jeff and Amy (It's US! ;) )
Jeff is Lead Pastor

Larry Lawson -this is where it got less civilized :)
He's our Worship Pastor (I'm sure you figured that out, though)

Larry had our friends, Matt and Heather come bearing gifts as
Santa and Mrs. Claus! So much fun, y'all!


The Pastor's Wives
My picture of all of the Pastors did not take, so just imagine them looking very "Teamly" together!

Merry Christmas, everyone! We are so very blessed to serve at LifeSong with a great team of Pastors
and their wives!

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Christina said...

Love you all!! Looks like ya'll had a grat time!! I'm blessed to call you guys friends!