Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Quinn!

haQuinn Olivia is the name we chose for this "unexpected" little blessing three years ago on a chilly February 7th day. It was no surprise to us that we were having our FOURTH daughter...seeing as we pretty much had a winning streak going already! The day the ultrasound tech told us, we pretty much could've told HER! We were familiar with the picture! We were surprised, however, to even be expecting a baby at that point in our lives. Having a fourth child was NO WHERE on our radar...AT ALL!
We were going through one of the darkest times of our lives and feeling very uncertain of our future...very hurt, very frustrated, very confused. Going to the movies with my sister and her girls that day was only supposed to be a girls' day out (my sis has THREE girls!)...not a day to go find out that I was pregnant. I just wanted to be out and have a day to not think about the current state of our life, but something kept nagging at me the whole movie..."I think I'm pregnant. No I'm not. Yes, I am. NO I'M NOT. That is CRAZY!!" My thoughts were later confirmed that day as I took a test and found out that indeed I was pregnant. I was too scared to tell Jeff in person because he was already going through so much. I told him over the phone! I think of his words all the time, especially now on Quinn's birthday...especially now on this side of God's provision and protection - His plans for our life of prospering and not harming - His plans for a future that included a smiley faced, happy little girl that lives life for the fullest. He told me
Celebrate Life

Never did I need to hear two words more...NOT even, as I've learned now, living in the midst of heartache, but more because embracing each day in joy, in trial, in success. I'm thankful for God sending us a precious little 7lb 8oz girl to teach us so much about life. She continues to be a ray of sunshine for her Mommy and Daddy, as well as her sisters. She tackles the day with a lot of fervor, and gets in trouble a whole lot for it, but nonetheless, she does it with a smile on her face.

Here are some special facts about Quinn:
Loves sweets - as with the other girls, I blame this on their Daddy. He always gave 'em that first piece of candy, thus spoiling them for life!

Loves her sisters - she is NEVER fully content until we pick them up from school everyday!

LOVES to sing

LOVES her dogs, Jake and Emmy
Loves her "boyfriend," Aiden

LOVES her "gaggy" - her blanket
Loves outdoors
Loves apples

Loves to run to her Daddy when he gets home everyday (will even tell him to go back to the door if she misses him coming in)

Loves her bed! She calls "Mommy" every morning when she is ready to wake up. I love that time of the day when I hear her call my name.

Quinn has blessed our lives in sooooooo many ways. Our prayer for her is the same it's been for all of our girls...that they would come to know Christ at an early age, and in Quinn's case, that He would use her love of life to touch many, many lives!

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Christina said...

So sweet!! Quinn in such a blessing to everyone who knows her!!