Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feeling pretty, oh so pretty!

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty" the song goes, and so goes I! I needed a little pick me up today, so I made over my blog, and in the sad state of my life right now, it's been the highlight of my day. The fact is, my whole self needs a makeover. I have been down and out with my back all week, and today I feel the best I've felt, but not good enough to SHOP...which is what I want to be doing today! The chiropractor has become my best friend this week, seeing as how I've seen him everyday, and probably will again today, too! "Heeeeeeyyyy...I'm a believer" (sing along). Considering how bad off I was on Sunday, to actually being able to sit straight up today without crying like a baby shows me there's been progress. My dilemma the last few days is how to get things done, or do things at all, while lying down on my ice packs (per doctor's orders). I have caught up on almost all of the movies I TiVo'd and now I'm suffering from cabin fever. I need to get out, and did I mention...SHOP?! I am going stir crazy. To top it off, everyone that I love and know is at the beach this week, and I'll admit it...I want to be there, too. It is the most relaxing place I know to go. Hopefully Jeff will take me for my birthday, so I'm putting it out here on my blog because I know he reads it and will see it, and when the time comes that he asks what I want to do, he won't have to because he'll already have read it on my blog! There, done!

This week has been most frustrating, too, because our air went out. I try not to complain too much about stuff like this because after living in another country where your water went out weekly and you had to cool your house by the Hand of God and keep your windows open, you learn to just deal with it. So, let's just say "it got hot" around here and leave it at that. I am thankful for friends that know a thing or two about fixing the AC, though. As Jeff said this morning, "it was cold like an icebox in here last night." Nice!

So, that's it for me. Boring, I know, but now I'm off to see what movie I have left to watch, and hopefully, just hopefully you'll see me at Target soon. I'll be the one blowing the horn for you to get out of my way while I drive the Hover Round! :)

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