Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Passionate Tuesday!

Now before you go thinking that this post has anything to do with Soap Operas, let me explain.
I've been thinking a lot about how little we stop and think on the blessings God has given us, or even the things we personally love and want to strive for in life. I woke up feeling pretty yucky this morning. My throat hurts and my head feels like it's gonna blow up. The girls have all had some sort of fever yesterday and this morning, so apparently I have gotten a little touch of what they had. Everything inside of me wants to whine, because quite honestly, that is my nature when I feel bad. I decided to freak my nature out today, though, by being grateful and joyful in spite of....! So, here's a little of what I feel is a blessing in my life, added by a little of what I just really love right now, plus some of what I am longing for (goals, objectives, future desires).
You can play with me if you want. I love your comments. As a matter of fact, I am still waiting on more comments to my recipe blog from last week. Thanks to Sarah for coming through for me! I bet if we lived closer to each other, Sarah, we would be swapping recipes more often, but we'd taste test them together, too! :)

My Passions for today
Jesus - I can barely describe all that He is teaching me right now. I know it's Him because there is a lot of chaos in my life right now, and right in the dead center of it all, He comes to me and shows me His sovereignty and His word in a way I have not looked at it before.

My husband - Jeff is not home today, and usually when he's away I realize even more how very much I love him, in the midst of missing him. I don't like being a part from him. Call us weird (trust me...people already do!), but in our almost 14 years of marriage, we always go to be at the same time. I just can't stand being a part from him, yet when we are, I know he is providing for us, and becoming the man of God He desires him to be.

My girls - like I said, we all feel yucky, but we're together and we need each other today. They help me so much. On our refrigerator we have a list of jobs we do, but we have a verse on serving one another to remind us why we do what we do, and they truly do that, and learn more each day how to do that. They teach me about being a servant. They are good girls!

Ok...some of the following may or may not be trivial passions, likes or desires, but it's what's on my mind today, so just indulge me....
Friends - this is a constant for me! I don't get to spend the time with all of them that I would like, but they are, without a doubt, the best a girl could have. They edify me when I am around them. They uphold me. I love Beva, Barbie, Debbie, Lynn, Amy(all of them!), Lana, Missy (my sister, my friend); Katie (my sister, my friend); Sandra (my sis-in-law); the list is endless, but for reasons that they know, they have been especially dear to me lately, in a "there for me" kind of way...in prayer, in touch, in just plain 'ol "thereness!"
Family....our time together lately has been precious and rare!

Music...I am sitting here right now listening and praising the Lord (Quinn is, too...she can get her groove on!). I am thankful that God gave this to us to evoke our praise, and I look forward to the "new song" we'll sing when we meet Him face to face. Here are just some of my current favorites. Most of them are on my playlist, too, so you may hear them as you're reading this.
Washed By the Water (Needtobreathe) - listen to the words. I told Jeff it's our testimony. I think I'll always be fond of this song.
Mighty to Save (Hillsong) - I never get tired of this song. It takes me straight to the throne. I always feel it's just me and the Father when I hear it.
Find You Waiting (DecembeRadio) - they just came and led us in worship here at LifeSong. They are awesome and the real deal. I thank God He's always waiting for me!
Rescue the Perishing (Billy/Cindy Foote) - Listen to this! It brings me to tears each time I hear it! They, too, are the realer than real deal!
This is Home (Switchfoot) - from Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian...This is a reflection of what we will be saying as we meet Jesus.

Home.... I complain about not having this or that done to my home, but I have been asking God to show me how to be content with what I have been able to do to my home, and I have really been enjoying it more lately. I have always LOVED my home, but the woman in me is always wanting to do more and more, but here lately, God is showing me how to enjoy the process of making a house a home.
I love my new table -- it's new b/c I painted it black! I love it. Jeff and I both said we wished we had done it before.
I love my dining room - I want it to be like a cozy cafe, and it's taking shape.
I love my kitchen - I love it b/c my little sis, Katie, helped me change it up a little. I think of her when I am in there.
(these passions may be a little vain, but, again, indulge me!)

Ice Cream... We love making Peanut Butter ice cream in the summer and we've made a lot of it! Come over and we'll make you some, too!

Coffee...OK, if you know me at all, you need no explanation (as I type now, I am enjoying some!)

Taco Bell Fruitista Freeze....Ask no questions, just go by one now....Mango Strawberry is my favorite!

Bitten Jeans...This is Sarah Jessica Parker's brand of jeans at Steve and Barry's. They are $8.98 and feel great. I just heard that S & B filed for bankruptcy, so if they close our G'ville store, then I am going to stock up on these jeans.

Blogs....OK, I'm obsessed with reading people's blogs. I even read some people's blogs I don't know that well. I love reading about what other people are doing in their lives, where they live, or some little tidbit of info they want to share. Right now, I am all about reading adoption blogs. As you know, it is the desire of my heart to adopt. Having my sister, Katie, in our family from two days of age pricked my heart and continues to blossom this desire.
I am reading about Ethiopian adoptions right now, and all I know is that my heart is especially tender to these stories, so I'm just praying that way as of now.
Another blog I especially love is Audrey Caroline You just have to read this and catch up on their story. You will be blessed and encouraged. Others I love are found on the sidebar of this blog.

Wii...I know, I am volleying between trivial and deep, but I do love my Wii. I bowl everyday and play tennis, and let me tell ya...you can get a work out playing! It's so fun!

That may be all for today. I am sure I left something out, but my mind is all over the place right now, so I'll stop for now. Don't forget, though...write and tell me your newest passions. I will read them. I love getting feedback!

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Kristin said...

Hi Amy,
I got a google alert about your post today so I thought I would check it out. I am an Ethiopian adoption mom. We have 5 bio kids and brought home our precious daughter from Ethiopia this past March making # 6! It is awesome and the whole process to adopt our girl and the meeting of so many amazing people through this has the hand of the Lord all over it! Anyhow, glad you like the Ethiopian adoption blogs, me too. Here is my link (although mine is a bit boring I think!) God bless you and your beautiful family.