Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Bailey

Nine years ago today Jeff and I had just had all of his family for Christmas while living in Dillon. I was due to have a baby girl on January 7, but apparently all of that hostessing got to me and brought us a precious gift two weeks early! Yay, tax break! :)

Naw...really, I knew Bailey before I ever knew McKenna! Yep, I did! I knew that one day, beyond any doubt, I would have a baby girl named Bailey. I had taught a little Bailey in preschool, and she was my favorite (teacher's pet) and the cutest little freckle-faced girl you ever saw. Well, as God would have it, my sweet Bailey Claire is the cutest, freckle-faced girl you ever saw! She has always looked like an all American girl to me. She has always been my cuddle bug and the one whose heart is tender to all things! She will cry at the drop of a hat, and I do mean cry. She will cry if she even remotely thinks that you don't like her, if you hurt her feelings, if she PERCEIVES she's been mistreated, and yes...she'll even cry for good reasons, too! She is ultra sensitive and has been dubbed our Drama Queen. If you ask her about school, the answer is always about the social scene at school, but she is really a very good student, too, but she is all about the people!
Bailey was saved when she was six years old. I have to say that when God spoke to her heart, she answered emphatically, "YES," and has never looked back! She truly senses the Holy Spirit speaking to her heart, and has been such an outspoken witness to her friends. She is a prayer warrior and prays about things that I would never even think about. Her heart is tender and she truly cares about people.

On this day, I see Bailey as a little girl caught between wanting to stay young and wanting to grow up fast. I see someone that God is molding and shaping to be someone very unique for Him. I believe she'll be used greatly. I see a true friend...loyal to the end! She is beautiful both inside and out. She grew in my heart before she ever even grew in my tummy. She is a blessing to be around.

Bailey, as you grow up, always know your Mom and Dad love you with all of our hearts. There is nothing you can do to stop how proud we are of you. You keep reaching high for your goals and trusting God to take you places that will blow your mind. You are my sweet, sweet girl. Happy 9th Birthday to you!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAILEY!!!!! May God continue to bless you and grow you up into a wonderful Godly woman!

The Pettigrew's said...

I think Bailey and I will be come good friends... I have tears in my eyes reading this. I cry over everything I think. And we haver a lot of things in common. I hope Bailey had the most amazing day. I think that is such a neat story that you really knew her before she was born. It's amazing how he sends people to us.

Resia said...

Nine! Amy, I can't believe it's been nine years since I walked into the hospital room and saw you laying there with a tiara on. I can't even remember why you were wearing a crown, I just remember that you had one on. Must have been one of our silly jokes.

Happy Birthday, sweetie! I hope you had a great day!