Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Blogging Slump

I'm in a complete blogging slump. All day long I think of things to share with you, my little blogger friends, but then I get to the computer and I'm like, "what was it I was going to share?" It's either a slump, or I'm old. Can you guess which excuse I'm going with?

Life has been plenty eventful around here. It really has, but when I lie my head down on the pillow each night, I have no clue what I did during the day, thus, my blogging slump. I know that each day I get up, brew some coffee, make lunches for lunchboxes and then I do my Wii Fit. Oh, the bonus this week is, for the first time in my entire life, I've joined the gym. I've enjoyed it so far. Yesterday I couldn't move...literally. I was hurting in my legs and feet so bad that I contemplated crawling everywhere. For the most part, though, I like going. The one thing I really struggle with is not getting distracted by the fact that yesterday, for example, was every skinny girl in my town day! Really, they were all skinny, and I, who in all actuality wore rather tight pants proudly yesterday, found myself suddenly re-thinking my decision. A girl can dream, right, but then again, a girl can be delusional, too! I fear I fell into the latter category. I mean, why did they come if they are that skinny? It baffled me. I'm not quite at the "let it give you hope that you, too, can look like that" stage yet. I just wanted to crawl up into a ball and roll right off that treadmill, but I had tight pants on, and somehow the sight of my rear end up in the air scared me more...needless to say what it would've done to the patrons at my gym.

So, let's move to another note...a happier note. I've been watching a LOT of TV lately, and if you let your mind dwell on that, you'll find yourself right back at the previous paragraph and my need to GO to the gym. I can't help myself. It was, after all, The Biggest Loser, that inspired me to join the gym (and to buy the tight pants), but I love American Idol, The Bachelor (don't tell my mom) and LOST. I simple do NOT blink when LOST is on. I cannot miss anything. If you never watched it from the beginning, I highly doubt you find it as rivoting as I do, but I tell is amazing television! I enjoy my nights in front of the TV, though. Jeff and I just chill out and enjoy that time together after the girls go to bed, and while I know he could do without the TV, he indulges my interests.

I have also been doing a lot of catching up with friends lately. It's amazing how many people I have found on Facebook that I grew up with, or met along the way. I am going to write a whole separate post about Facebook one day, or better yet, I may even write a book about it. It is a whole other world, I tell ya! But, if you don't want everyone all "up in your business," Facebook is not your thing. I love it, though, and because of it, I have been able to correspond with my college roomies a lot lately. My roommate met me for lunch last week and I finally got to give her...ahem...14 month old her baby gift! I know...tacky of me! We had a great time, though, and our next outing is to get together with our whole suite. I'm expecting a lot of laughter and reliving "the good old days." We had so much fun!

We've got big plans this weekend. Our baby girl turns 2! I cannot believe it. Time is flying. I will write more about that later, though.

Hey, well lookie there! I wrote a blog. If you stuck it out to the end, you ARE a true friend. If you did, pass it along to 10 other people and you'll receive blessings by the end of the day if you do it before 5:48pm. I know...don't you just hate those things? Naw...just relish in the fact that you might have been one of the few to make it to the end, and if you really read it all, maybe, just maybe you'll tune in again!

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