Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quinn's Birthday Re-cap

Finally finding some strength to post pictures of Quinn's birthday. It has been a rough few days around here. I'm still fighting with this flu and generally about to lose my mind. My sweet husband didn't know the church member he'd be ministering to this week was me! I am incredibly thankful that on any given day, we (the girls and me) are his priority, but I'm especially grateful that that rang true this week. He has taken such good care of me, and Quinn, too, as she's had a horrible cold. He has the best work ethic of anyone I know, so in case it ever came into question (ha!), he works circles around me here at home, but he also manages to continue to find the time to invest in others, work on his sermon prep and all the other stuff he does everyday. I get dizzy just watching him! Anyway, I've said thanks a million times, but it's hard for the Mama to be sick, but Jeff has definitely been the Mama and the Daddy this week and never missed a beat!
Anyway, on to the birthday stuff. Quinn had a family party the day before her birthday and friends her age came over a couple of days after her birthday. She just thought we were eating lots and lots of cake! :) I'll post more as I get them. She got a new tricycle that she has been dying to ride more, but since she's been sick, too, we'll try to catch her doing that on a better day!

Aunt Missy spent Quinn's whole birthday weekend with us...Meme did, too, but I don't think I got her in a single picture! How'd that happen??!

I made Chocolate Chip poundcake when my family came over (along with Shrimp and Grits!), so Quinn enjoyed blowing out candles on that cake!
Oh, yeah, she enjoyed eating it, too!

No one has to tell a girl how to open a present!
One of her favorite presents..."Elmo Potty Time" She tries to tear her clothes off and run for the potty every time she watches this!
Opening presents with her friends on her birthday playdate (don't know why this is the only good picture I took)
I made these cupcakes for her playdate...hearts since her due date was really on Valentine's Day...she's still a little Valentine baby to us!

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