Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Two Year Old

Today I officially have a two year old. Oh, I have had a two year old before, but today is different. My BABY has turned two - the baby that pretty much came along as a surprise and changed my whole world. She lit up my life in such a sad time I was going through...that our whole family was going through. When we found out she was coming, we chose to just celebrate life...all of it...the good and the bad. She has lived true to that theme, too. Never a time will you NOT see a smile on her face. She laughs constantly, talks All of the time, and gives hugs and kisses like nobody else could.
It makes me sad today that she turns two, because we feel she is our last baby, unless God answers our prayer to adopt one day. It's as though, with her, I look at her firsts as also the last time I'll ever go through that, and boy have I loved every second of it. But, the whole "turning two" part is sad because she wants SO badly to grow up and her Mama wants So badly to keep her a baby.

Today, we celebrate Quinn Olivia's birthday. She helps us celebrate life everyday and today we get to throw a little extra special love back her way. We love you, Quinn. Our prayer continues to be, first and foremost, that you will know and accept Jesus at a young age, and that He would use us as instruments in your life to bring that about. We pray for happiness and good health, as well as lots and lots more laughter. So today, you little lovey, we say "Happy Birthday" and "We love you so very much!"


The Pettigrew's said...

I love to see her look up and me and smile. Quinn is such a blessing to all of us! Happy Birthday.

Heather said...

This post is so sweet. It made me have the same exact feelings. Ella will be two in little over than a week. It is so hard to see that my baby is no longer a BABY! Quinn is beautiful!!!!!!! I hope her birthday was fabulous!!!!!!!! Love you!

Kathy Stroud Cashion said...

Wow, she is special. What a great blessing she has been to all of us.
God bless her little heart. I love her so much.

Alaina's Thoughts said...

Happy Birthday Quinn! I know its kind of late,though. Believe it or not you are a blessing to my life, that little smile you have melts my heart everyday. I want you to know your like a sis and I love you dearly!