Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Funny from Bailey

As we were in the car running errands on Saturday, Bailey was asking for food every other breath she took. Now, Bailey is a "stick," and you wouldn't think she would eat so much, but let's just say her Mama used to be a "stick," too. We were getting a little put out with how frequently she wanted to eat, and I said, "Bailey, you just had food. How could you possibly be hungry?" She replied, "Mama, I am trying to eat a whole lot today because I need to store up. I'm getting ready to hibernate." There you have it! If you were looking for an excuse as to why you want food all the time, feel free to borrow Bailey's! :)


Kathy Cashion said...

Tell Bailey that I love her reasons for wanting to eat. Tell her to take a good look at Meme and she'll know how many years I have been storing up for hibernation.

**TRACY** said...

I love it! Thanks to Alvin & the Chipmunks, my youngest is storing food for winter! Not good when I find 4 day old cups in her play kitchen!