Friday, May 30, 2008

School's Out!

Today marks the beginning of a lot of activity in our home. School is OUT! Whenever people ask if I'm ready for it to be over, I say, "give me a week with the girls and then I'll tell you." I am sure that sounds a bit harsh, but life gets a little crazy for this routine lover whenever the girls are home. I love having them home, though. We make special breakfasts, stay outdoors, grill, go to the free movies and have one on one tea time. There is lots to keep us busy, for sure!
I find myself just staring in wonder at each of my girls lately. They change so much each day. I am enjoying some more "grown up" conversation with McKenna. Bailey and I are hanging out in the kitchen together cooking. Avery and I are giggling more and more everyday over something silly she says or does. Quinn is becoming more independent and adventurous. Life is changing.
I long to see my life change each and everyday to become more like that of Christ, which is why I want to be intentional in the lives of my girls this summer as they, too, become more like Christ each and every day. After all, that is why we are here, right? It is a thought that has invaded my morning today. I look around and see people that do not have a notion about Christ at all and they are living some pretty fun lives, and yet I find I get bogged down by the details and miss out on the adventure of living each day with my Lord. That stops now. Today is the last day of school and, yet, a beginning of showing the world that walking with God is more fun than anything.
I choose to look for God in the laughter of my girls while they are splashing around in the pool. I will see Him in the excitement of going on vacation soon. I will smile a big smile when I walk hand in hand with my Jeff on our date nights. God is in the details. He speaks life each day to me as I open my eyes to start a new day. Oh, the anticipation of the thrills He wants to bring my life today and in the days that follow. Yay! School's out!

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