Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mommy, Mama, Mother, Mom!

You often hear people say, "once I became I mother, I knew what love really meant." I have a different outlook on things. I say, "once you have a mother, you know what love really means." From the moment of our birth, and even before our birth, we are loved by a mother. She doesn't even really know us, and yet she loves us. It's a pure, unconditional love that means no matter how much we may mess up, we will still be loved. My mother is the most perfect example of that. I am sure there have been many times that she would like to have pulled her hair out over some crazy thing we did, but more often than not, I've seen her just let us live our lives, mess up from time to time, and wait for us with open arms and an open heart. She has shown so much grace and dignity to us girls in the Cashion family that, in turn, we love her the same way. She has become a best friend, a confidant, someone to laugh with (and at!), our model of Christ's love, and one who cares enough to discipline us to give us wings to soar. I have written about my Mama before, and yet words never do her justice. She is just, quite simply my Mama. I love her with all my heart. No greater example have I had in my life than my Mama. She has taught me to love my husband, my children, but most of all my God with great passion. I continue to want to be just like her when I grow up.
This is a difficult season for my Mama. She is enduring great trial with her health, and even though I know that she is ready to pull out her hair, she still goes through it all because she knows that God is refining her in the process. I don't like to see my Mama hurting, just like she doesn't like to see me go through hurt. I know, though, that God has promised us that He will never allow us to endure more than we can handle. Sometimes I think that the harder the trial He allows us to endure can almost be a gift - as though He is saying, "My child, you have been obedient in go be obedient in much." That's my Mama. She is a person to do whatever it takes to have her life point to Christ. I ask my Father God to ease her pain each day, all the while rejoicing that people are seeing Christ in her life, even in "such a time as this."
What will come next Mother's Day? Who really knows! One thing I know for sure is that my Mama will always be my Mama. She will always be loving me, guiding me, sharing life with me!
Today, I celebrate the one who gave life to me, and who continues to give life to me. I am a better person for having had a Mama like her in my life. I love you, Mama.

I also celebrate the lives of my daughters today - McKenna, Bailey, Avery and Quinn. You are the sunshine in my life, girls. Just waking up every morning to be your Mama is the greatest gift I could ever be given. I love making memories with you. I love driving you to school each day hearing your chattiness in the midst of my tiredness. I love watching you come up with reasons why you can't clean your room, but why you can go outside and play instead (by the way, you need to clean your room!). I love seeing you wake up in the morning in mismatched PJs and seeing your hair in your eyes, all the while asking for a Pop Tart and chocolate milk. I love how, out of the blue, you want to cuddle with your Mama even though most all of you are BIG girls. I love how you help me with Baby Quinn because you want to and not because you have to - how you just want to spend time with your baby sister because you love her. I especially love how you love your Daddy and how you see him as a BIG MAN with an extra BIG HEART. But more than anything, girls, I am so very proud of you for making Jesus your Lord and Saviour. You have received the greatest gift this life can give, and my prayer for you is that you live out your faith each and everyday...that it truly becomes who you are, and not just what you practice. I pray this same prayer for Quinny's life, too. Never be too "cool" to follow the Father's hand. He will always lead you to all of your hopes and dreams. And, while He does, your Mama will be right here cheering you on. I love you with all of my heart!


Kathy Cashion said...

Thank you sweetheart. I, too, love seeing the Mother You have become. God blesses me through you and your sisters everyday. Thank you for the beautiful comments. You girls are definitely a gift from God to me.

Anonymous said...

Reading this entry, definitely brought tears to my eyes because I love my girls so much too and I can't wait for the day when they ask Jesus into their hearts! You're a GREAT MOM, Amy!!!

Anonymous said...

This entry brought tears to my eyes because I feel exactly the way you do about my girls and I can't wait for the day they ask Jesus into their little hearts!!
You're an AWESOME Mom, Amy!!!