Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mis Hermanas

I realize that most of you reading this don't even know what "Mis Hermanas" means. Well, it means "sisters," of which I happen to have two! I have had them on my mind the last couple of days because I spent the weekend with both of them at my parents' house. Very rarely does that happen, so maybe that's why it was extra special to me. I love being around them, but it occurred to me that maybe I have never really told them, so in hopes that they may read this blog, I'm telling them now...and you, the blogging world, too! "Missy and Katie, I love you and I love hanging out with you!" I know that the big sister typically is the one that is probably the least liked, and maybe that is true for you, but I like you, so take that! I am blessed to have you both in my life and the time I spend with you is priceless to me." Let me sidetrack here a bit and say that if there was a price on our time, my time would cost less than Missy's time, and well...that's all I'm sayin' about that!

Missy and I are 23 months apart, but I'm proud to say that most people think she is older than me. Nope, Missy, it's not because of your maturity level. It's simply because you LOOK older than me!! :) Anyway, that's how far apart we are and in many ways, we are much farther apart. I am the frugal one. Missy is the one that likes to spend money. I am the one with no talent. Missy is the one that sings like an angel. I am the reserved one. Missy just likes to fly by the seat of her pants! We are, in so many ways, different as day and night, yet we are kindred spirits. I am sure that it was all the years of having to share a room that made us that way. Sharing a room, for us, was sheer torture. I didn't like her touching my stuff, and she didn't like me touching her stuff. Yet, when the time came, she and I could have a good time like no two other people. How I long for the days of playing our 45s of "Mickey"...sing it with me, "oh Mickey, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey, Mickey!" Or the times when we would play in a playroom that was so junked up with toys and food, and well, things that used to be food, but we could find some fun anyway with our Donnie and Marie dolls. Fun were the days when we would be lying up in our bedroom that faced the church cemetery and we would see "ghosts" arise from those graves. It would scare us half to death and it would take forever for us to go to sleep. Missy would laugh at me and call me names. She still calls me names, come to think of it! :)
Our memories are abundant and we are still making them. I remember being at Charleston Southern and wondering who my new suite mate would be, and low and behold, it was Missy! What? I couldn't get away from my little sis to save my life. That time, for me, was a gift, though. Let's just say that prior to h
er coming to CSU, I pretty much couldn't stand her. The time we had as suite mates was a time to grow stronger as sisters and discover a lifelong best friend. That friendship is stronger today, I think! :) I have seen my sister marry, have kids and try all sorts of new ventures. She just loves life! She is a hoot to be around. We have tons of fun. We call each other everyday...ok, I call her everyday lately! She lives near me and there's just something about knowing that she is there. I love Missy and I'm thankful that God saw fit to give her to me as a sister. She reminds me to always laugh and love.
God gave us Katie when she was just two days old. She was small then and is small now, really, but she has a whole lot of personality. She and I never really lived in the same house for very long, but when I did live with her, I was always laughing. She, too, just loves life and lives it to the fullest! She has talent. I do not! She is young. I'm, well...not so much! She is a fashionista. I am not, so much. She is DRAMA. I am, too, but not the way she is. She can act like crazy and sing even more so. She is the girl that you meet that makes you want to know God because she is exuding His love. I like to talk about what God is doing in her life, because He is blessing her so much. She makes me want to know more about Jesus, just because I know her. We may not spend a lot of time together, or talking, for that matter, but I love her dearly. I sometimes feel jealous of the time that she and Missy have had together. They share a special sort of bond. I can see why. They are so much alike. But no matter which sister I share memories with of a certain time, I love them both the same. They are the completion of ME. I would be only half a person if it were not for them. I love you!!!


Kathy Cashion said...

I was certainly blessed tonight by reading this. I am the Mama of these wonderful girls. I read this to Katie tonight because Caleb was here and I wanted him to hear also what Katie's big sister thinks of her. It was so sweet to watch her reaction as I read. I love it that you girls love each other so much. What a joy for any mother.

Martha said...

Welllllll, you made me cry!

The Blessed Bryants said...

Well, well! What is it that you're wanting from me? I hope you don't think I'm paying you for all those nice things you said about me! : ) Just Kidding!

What a surprise it was to open your blog and read this just now! It made me smile...big time! Thanks for writing that about Katie and I! We love you too and you are by far the "bestest" big sister anyone could ever ask for! Love you!