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On Saturday, we will embark on our family vacation. In the past, oh so many years, we have gone to the beach. I love the beach! I come back feeling relaxed and caught up on my reading, watching TV and bowling. We just always kick back and relax, not a worry in the world!
This year, we are venturing out of our "comfort zone." We're going to Florida. It's not like we haven't ever been to Florida. We go often enough. We just haven't gone lately, and I must admit I have some trepidation about going with four children all that long way. We are breaking up our trip by stopping in Green Pond to leave our dogs....oh yeah, did I mention they are traveling with us part of the way? That is perfectly normal and acceptable to my "country boy" husband, to have our dogs travel with us. I guess I'm OK with it, but could do without the distraction and excitement of it as far as the girls will be concerned.
Anyway, we will at least get to spend the night before heading off on our long trip down south. We will stop for a couple of days in Orlando to take the girls - and me- to Sea World! I love Sea World. You never get too old for Shamu, right? After our stay there, we will head further south to visit my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and their two boys in Boca Raton. We always have a wonderful time with them. My sister-in-law has the tremendous gift of hospitality and she makes us feel like one in a million when we are together, plus, I love to just sit and chat with her. She is like a kindred spirit to me. We are excited for the opportunity to see them outside of the usual holidays we have where we normally catch up.
I look forward to going away next week, and pray that I come back feeling refreshed and relaxed. Hopeful that I will have all of my sanity in tact, as well. As I type this, one daughter has already run through the house screaming and crying. One daughter is very sick. One daughter is taunting another daughter (No, it's NOT Avery!), and the good child is going around cleaning hoping that I don't notice because she is trying to surprise me! I guess I'll just have to sit here and pretend I didn't notice until she is done! :)
Anyway, pray for us as we go. We are truly grateful for the opportunity. God has shown His favor on us by providing a way for us to go, the time for us to go, and a very supportive church that has allowed us to go. We are thankful for our other pastors and their families that support us as we go away and get some R&R. I think this is the first time in many years when we haven't been stressed out to the max before leaving for vacation. It is a blessing to be a part of a place at LifeSong that you want to come home to after vacation. We will miss worshiping together on Sunday, but our prayers are with you!

Keep checking in while we are away. I may blog and load some pics of our trip periodically. I may be the one with a big smile on my face, or possibly the one with crazy hair and a crazy look in my eye! You decide which!

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