Friday, June 13, 2008

We Love Our Daddy!

We Love Our Daddy!
(This is taken from a gift I (Amy) have been given for Mother's Day and the girls and I wanted to give it to their Daddy,too!)

I think my dad is handsome when he...
McKenna: preaches!
Bailey: when he gets ready to go somewhere.

Avery: when he puts his church clothes on.
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy's favorite activity is...
McKenna: playing with us!
Bailey: spending time with his family
Avery: football!!!!
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy goes places. He likes to go...
McKenna: to the beach.
Bailey: Outback!
Avery: Florida
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy helps me...
McKenna: by putting me to bed every night.
Bailey: helps me get down from a tree when I am stuck!
Avery: make goofy sounds
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy does not like...
McKenna: when we disobey :(
Bailey: Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee!
Avery: people saying bad words!
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy can cook. He cooks the best...
McKenna: chicken
Bailey: eggs
Avery: fish
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy likes to...
McKenna: hug and kiss me!
Bailey: watch sports
Avery: play with us
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy's favorite food is...
McKenna: steak
Bailey: chicken spaghetti
Avery: chicken
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy's favorite restaurant is...
McKenna: Outback
Bailey: Starbucks
Avery: Outback
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy's favorite color is:
McKenna: Blue
Bailey: Garnet
Avery: Green
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy likes it when I...
McKenna: hug and kiss him
Bailey: pray for him
Avery: when I say "Da-Da"
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy works hard. He...
McKenna: builds things for our house
Bailey: preaches good
Avery: works really, really hard
Quinn "Da-Da" :)

My Daddy spends time with me. We...
McKenna: play outside
Bailey: plays on Webkinz with me.
Avery: takes me to ice cream
Quinn: "Da-Da"

My Daddy needs a vacation. He should go...
McKenna: to Hawaii ("with my Mommy," says my Mommy!)
Bailey: Los Angeles (with Mommy!)
Avery: Las Vegas
Quinn: "Da-Da"

I like to do nice things for my Daddy. I...
McKenna: clean up the yard
Bailey: cut the grass
Avery: read a book to him
Quinn: "Da-Da" :)

My Daddy does not like it when I...
McKenna: disobey
Bailey: Cry
Avery: do bad things!
Quinn: ("He likes everything I do!")

My Daddy likes for his family to be...
McKenna: Godly
Bailey: lovely
Avery: healthy
Quinn: :) :) :)

For Father's Day, my Daddy should be able to...
McKenna: relax
Bailey: spend time with his family
Avery: relax on the beach
Quinn: ("hold me")

Father's Day will be good for my Daddy because...
McKenna: we will be in Florida
Bailey: he'll get to spend time with Mommy!
Avery: relaxes on the beach
Quinn: ("I'm here!")

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