Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thankful Thursday mixed with Random Thursday

I have a lot of friends and family that do Thankful Thursday, so today I'm doing it, too. I don't make promises to do this every Thursday, but today I feel especially thankful and it just happens to be Thursday, so here goes:

*I woke up at 5:30 this morning and was scared...thought I'd heard a noise, so my dear husband checked things out, reassured me, and I stopped being scared. I'm thankful for my big, strong husband. If there had been an intruder, he could take 'em, so I'm not worried.

*So very thankful for my girls. They started their Thursday/Friday responsibility job charts today and did a super job. I added some jobs from what they had last year and they did their very best. Our mission statement for the summer responsibilities is "Through love, serve one another." Galatians 5:13 I feel especially loved today!
*Thankful for peanut butter ice cream...HOMEMADE peanut butter ice cream, that is, and good friends to share it with. Yum, yum!
*Thankful for air conditioning. I'm not trying to brag, but my aunt is working a job where there is no air indoors right now and I find that especially cruel, and yet increases my own personal gratitude, so I love air...cold air!
*Thankful for the internet b/c w/o it I am quite sure I would have no friends seeing as how my phone doesn't ring much and that might indicate I don't have friends, but I'll never know b/c I know as long as I have internet, I have friends to talk to everyday. I love it and the convenience of hopping online and shooting off an email!

Now, for just being random:
*Quinn said "OK" today. McKenna asked her if she wanted a juice box with her lunch and she nodded her head, and then McKenna said, "is that OK?" Quinn said "OK." I heard it! So cute!

*I love the song "Signature of the Divine - Yahweh" by Needtobreathe . It makes me happy. I may pass you on the road and you might see me singing it lifting my hands with a great big smile on my face!

*I lost weight today. Only a couple of more lbs. until my next goal. Not trying to brag, but you imagine how I must feel after birthing four babies and trying to remove them from my thighs!

*Only 9 more days until vacation. I can't wait. Don't plan on calling me, or Jeff...we won't answer you while we are gone. Not b/c we necessarily don't want to, but we don't have free minutes in Florida, but we probably won't answer anyway b/c we are on vacation!

*My sister, Missy, has not called me in two days. I try not to be offended, but I think she has gone back to the days of not liking me. I talked to her briefly last night to find out if I should risk making sugar-free PB ice cream...she said, "yes, tell me how it turns out." She hasn't called to find out, so maybe she will read this blog and find out for herself just how good it was. Homemade PB ice cream is a specialty in our family. You may think yours is the best, but get over it...ours is!

*My other sister, Katie, is in Venezuela for a month. I'm jealous...period!

*My husband is the happiest I've seen him in a while. I know that most of the reason is he's a full-time pastor again, so he's just come back into himself. I choose to believe that the biggest reason for his happiness is he gets to spend more time with me in the mornings. I don't see him much even in this change, but we do get to enjoy our coffee together in the mornings, and I love it, and probably should add it to my Thankful Thursday list, too!

*That's it...if you made it to the end of these lists, then either you are more thankful today, or you are wishing I would get a life!

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