Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall TV

I have never hidden the fact that I am a little addicted to TV. I have been known to plan my life around least I did before I had DVR. I enjoy lounging in front of the tube watching my favorite shows, while sipping some good coffee, year around! Here's a little of what I have been watching lately:

Deal or No Deal: Was I the only one that got a little excited to see Jessica Robertson
win the first million on the show. I have nothing to hide from you...I CRIED! I love to see people happy. She was pregnant with her second child. I am so surprised she didn't go into labor right then!

Prison Break
: I've told you before, Jeff and I love this show. We planned to be home by 8pm
on Labor Day just to see the season premiere, which was two hours long. We ran a little late from being at a friend's house, so I was really grateful for my DVR that night.

Football: We have been watching some football around here lately. Our season started with a Thursday night game for the Gamecocks. They looked like a bunch of girls playing the first half, but played a little better the second half...good enough to beat NC State (with love, for Resia!). We have been watching some Wake Forest football, too. That's on the agenda today. We have a special friend who plays for them. Look for #67. We think he's great! Oh, and Resia, we'll be cheering for Wake when they play State, too!

Rachael Ray, Oprah, etc: My talk shows start back up on Monday! Yay. I know that Oprah is not everyone's favorite, nor is she mine, but I can't wait to see her time with our US Olympic gold medal winners on Monday. Rachael Ray starts up, too, and I'm just a sucker for a new recipe.

So much more TV to come...Biggest Loser, Lost (in the winter); Survivor; American Idol (January); ER ( I have watched this show since it premiered in '92, as I was studying for a psychology exam); House; Tori and Dean (that's a bit of a guilty obsession, but it completely amuses me)
Oh, and for the inquisitive minds out there, my girls go to bed at 8pm, so yes, I do have time for all of this TV!!

There's so much great TV to watch. What are you looking forward to?


Tricia said...

Heros and Law and Order Criminal Intent and of course American Idol!!!

Marsha said...

Well ladies, everyone knows I love the show, Criminal Minds, but I don't really get to watch it much. We go to bed and I let Gracie read to me (she's a wonderful reader and brings home some really good books). My TV days are over until the summer ... I'll catch all of the re-runs then.

Kimmee said...

The Amazing Race! And Heroes, Lost and House. TAR starts September 28 and it's already on my calendar.