Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Library Time

Quinn and I have now tried to start going to the library every Tuesday for Toddler time. We didn't get to go last school year because Quinn always napped during that time of the day, so now we needed something to do to make this little bundle of energy FOCUS! :) She has not, up to this point, gotten the purpose of going, which is to listen to the stories. Thank goodness that every other book, there is a song. I think my baby is musically inclined. She likes to boogie, so when she hears the songs in the library time, she completely FOCUSES! My friend, Barbie, takes her boys, Aiden and Austin and Quinn now thinks that she goes to see them so that she can steal their snacks! Yes, I take her snack for all you moms sitting out there questioning my parenting right now. She just doesn't like the snacks I take her, OK? She likes what everyone else has instead. I think I am going to have to start slipping Barbie a $5 each month so she can buy snacks for Quinn. Anyway, library time today was slightly stressful for me because of Quinn's insistence on getting Aiden's snack. Even when the librarian passed out Animal Crackers, Quinn couldn't manage to FOCUS on those either. As a matter of fact, she walked around with them until she tripped over a mat and horses, rhinos and dogs went flying everywhere! It's funny how when it's your kid that "acts up", you get all of these stares from the other mothers and you just wonder what they are thinking. My thoughts are, "if you would've just made her sit down" or "she must not be read to very often" or, quite possibly this is the one "she must be the baby in her family." The looks are the reasons that I shy away from these mom's groups in the first place. Most every one I have ever been a part of results in the LOOK! I despise the look. By the fourth baby, you pretty much could care less if your child eats what is "right", has a clean face all day, or has 6 hours of stimulation each day. As a matter of fact, I'm letting my child sit in front the TV in the other room right now as I blog. There may be food all over the floor when I return, but I'm good with that.
Let me, in turn, tell you what I love about Quinn right now. She definitely talks all the time. Yes, she talks all of the time because I talk all of the time to her. She sings all day long...something to the sound of "do, do, do." She goes down for nap and bedtime each day wanting to pray.."pay, pay," she says. She calls me "Mama" all day, too...then it's on to "Daddy" when Jeff comes home. She picks up a camera and says, "cheese." I just really love everything about this baby. She is a hoot, and she knows it! I am so thankful for this little ray of sunshine that God blessed us with. She might be a stinker in the library, but I'll think we'll keep her! :)

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Tricia said...

I agree with you, I despise the Look as well! With Daniel by my side, I get them quite often. Oh well, He is such a joy and I just have to remind myself of that when we are in public!!!! I miss you.