Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Avery!!

Seven years ago today, at precisely 12:12pm, a 8 lb 15 oz baby girl came bounding into our lives! This is the day that Avery was born! It kind of sounds like a lively event, huh? Well, it was that, and her life has been SO much more of THAT, too! Avery was described by her Papa Bill to her parents as, "she should have been born with a stop sign on her head" because she has, by far, been our most energetic little girl! She is vivacious, full of life, smiles all the time, is always in trouble for something, loves people, loves bugs, would live outdoors if you let her, competitive, always in motion, and so, so much more! Avery has brought a joy and life into our home, and sometimes we don't quite know what to do with all of that energy, and most times she humbles us because she gives us no warning what she will do in public, but Avery is Avery, and we wouldn't want her any other way.
She has made us so proud, too. She doesn't hold back in life. She gives it her all. She tries very hard at all she does. We couldn't be more proud of everything she has already been, is and will become.

She loves Jesus! We are so thankful that she has a desire to live for Him and do His will. She is often found huddled up with her sisters making plans how they will tell their friends about Jesus.
She loves her family! She may be the wild girl, but when the time comes she is ready to settle down, you'll find she is our cuddle bug. She loves to give hugs and curl up in our lap for some lovin'!
We are so thankful for Avery today and everyday. We want you to read this one day, Avery, and know that there is absolutely
NOTHING we would change about you. You make us want to laugh more, love more and enjoy life a little more each day. The day you were born was just as special as the day your sister's were born. You warmed our hearts with a smile that we're convinced you were born with! We will never forget going in your room to get you up each morning and there you would be looking up grinning from ear to ear. Nor will we forget the way you always want to be just like McKenna and Bailey, and the wonderful sister you are to take such good care of Quinn. We love hearing you and Addie talk on the phone and laugh your heads off over what happened at school that day, and when we look out the window and see you and Andrew catching, yet, another bug to "take care of."
We can't wait to see what God uses you to do. We would guess He's got big things in store for you! We pray you always seek after Him, live each day as a joy to serve Him and know He is always there for you.
These last 7 years have been a blast! You are always going to be our special girl! We hope that this birthday is your best ever! We love you!!


Anonymous said...


morgan's magical moments said...

Tell avery i said "HAPPY BRITHDAY!"

P.S tell her i ♥ her

Martha said...

I didn't remember until I read Missy's facebook that Avery and Kate share a birthdate. Happy Birthday, Avery! Love you, Aunt Martha

Candystn30 said...

Hey Girl,
I am the pastors wife at Ridge Pointe Church In Inman!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello :) i would love to talk to you! my email is to hear from you soon ;) Have an amazing day and weekend :)

Kathy Cashion said...

Love you my Avery. Happy borthday to you.
Love Meme

The Pettigrew's said...

I hope that Avery has a great day. I love this story about her. Sounds a little like the one that I remember and still her from my mother. They say that I was born with my smile on my face. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Tricia said...

We Hope that you had a very special Birthday, Avery!!!
The Devries Family