Friday, January 16, 2009

Quinn's First Haircut

We took Quinn for her first haircut today. Yep, she's almost two, and we're just now getting her first haircut. She's had such cute curls up until things recently fizzled, or should I said "frizzled."
We were going for the bobbed look, but as things would have it, the curls popped back into place, so she got shaped up and cleaned up! She crawled up in the seat and acted like she had done it all her life. No tears, no screaming, no jerking around...Nothing! She just sat there and played with her friend, Elmo, while the stylist did her job. We went to Jelly Beans and they let you have your child's first haircut for a penny! Mama loves a deal! I took some pictures, but you know my story..."stinky camera, would love a new one, but these will have to do" kind of shots. My baby looks like a big girl now!You can't really get a great look at the finished product, but Mama also has to have a chance to play with it and fix it all nice and pretty. :)

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Christina said...

Love the new haircut!! She is soooooo adorable!!! :)