Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Final Countdown

Well, that time of year has come again that we're saying that dreaded phrase, "school is about to start." I am not so sure that I am dreading it at all, but the girls are, of course. This year holds several changes for the girls. McKenna will be in 5th grade and has chosen to be in a single gender classroom setting. For her, I think this will be a great source of comfort and stability, because school has always been a great concern for her....socially. Outside of school...well, you've seen her...she is way in control and able to fit into any situation, but in school she has some nerves, so being her Mommy and wanting the best for her, I want to try this and see what happens. Bailey and Avery will begin a new school this year. Due to living in a growing area, the need arose for a new school. The blessing in it all is that it is at the end of my road, so not a long drive at all. The down side is that it's still across town to McKenna's school. Oh well...
It will be a new beginning for Quinn, too, when school starts back. She was quite a bit more "baby" when school let out for summer, and not so much "into everything." She is talking 90 miles a minute and walking even harder and faster! Her favorite phrases are, let's see..."mine," "NO!," "Avery," and "cookie." Could it be that these are repeated phrases among other members of our household? Maybe, maybe not! Anyway, not only is she talking, but she is very much wanting to potty. She is showing the signs, so tomorrow we'll be buying this 18 month old a potty. It's so funny, though, she is still so short in stature, but definitely BIG in personality...so, the thought of her sitting on a potty is a source of amusement for us.
Jeff and I have a countdown of our own, too. In the next few days we'll be going to Charleston for a little alone time. Having gone to school in Charleston, and with Jeff being from right near Charleston, it will always be one of our favorite places ever. I look forward to spending some time with my sweet husband, holding his hand without the girls throwing up and just having an uninterrupted conversation with him! Yay!!!
Truth be known, I will miss summer a little. I love the lazy days of just doing whatever we want and enjoying watching time crawl by. I don't like knowing that school starts and it signifies that my babies are getting older and so am I! They are changing so much. Just tonight, McKenna and Bailey made us the BEST dinner. We had parmesan crusted chicken, steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes and biscuits. Avery did a superb job folding the napkins and setting the table. Quinn...well, she said "thank you" - one of the kinder words she knows!
So, I guess we're always on a final countdown of sorts. I sure will miss sleeping late, though!!

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