Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm Tagged!

I will continue with post two of "Missing" later today, but my Aunt Martha has tagged me for 5 favorite things I love.
I think she has broken me out of my slump from not being too deep, to taking the plunge to those deep waters.
On a side note, can I just say..."I love my Aunt Martha." I know I loved her from the moment I met her because I never remember a time in my life of just NOT adoring her. My earliest memory is staying with her when she lived in Elizabethton (is that spelled right?), Tennessee. I went to stay there while my mom was recuperating from surgery I think. Anyway, I had the best time and loved hanging out with my cousins and her. When she moved back to G'ville my best memories are of living at her pool on Queensbury Drive during the summers and spending the night with her. She is, however, along with Uncle Don responsible for one of my aversions. I, to this day, hate green peas because she and Uncle Don made me eat them before I could get up from the table. Isn't that child abuse? :) I literally gag when I see them now! Why couldn't they have just let me eat a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich that was their household favorite? Anyway, I get sidetracked...I love her in spite of the green peas incident. She has, in many ways, served as a surrogate mother for me when my own mother was in another country. I lived with Martha during college and I like to think that our looooooong talks about my love life led me to where I am today - with the love of my life, Jeff! She also gave me my first job at Furman. I'm not sure what I did, really, that was of any use, but we had fun, and I got totally addicted to Days of Our Lives during my times with her. I'm over that one now! ;) So, being the wordy rambler that I am, I have to have a story to the story before I get to the point, so here we go...I love Martha and she has tagged me to tell the five things I love right now.....

*My relationship with my's especially sweet right now. I have been praying for things that you think when they are answered that you would see fireworks, but instead, there's a deep, abiding peace...a sweetness...with my Father.

*My husband, girls and the rest of my family/friends. I love Jeff more and more each day. I stand in awe of who he is and how he leads our family. My girls have always had me wrapped. My family and friends are always the "better" parts of me.

*The freedom of summer. For this routine lover, the la-de-dahness of summer has been a treat, as well as a gift to me saying, "chill out!"

*My church, would take a book to describe why I love it so, but it is unlike any other time in my life...the same deep, abiding peace I talked about earlier.

*Early morning walks...I had to put these on hold for a little bit to heal my back, but I love that time to wake up and get going, as well as great conversation with my friend.
It's funny how you could keep going with this list, but today I will go forward a little more thankful and with a bigger smile on my face, thinking about the things I love.
Oh yeah...I'm supposed to tag someone, too
Amy D. (a good, good friend)
Sarah ( a friend through the ages)
Tricia (the kind of friend every girl should have)
Tracy (her blog always makes me feel like I'm reading about my own life!)
Resia (I may get shot for passing this on, but I'll risk it)


Martha said...

You aren't supposed to make the "Tagger" cry before you start your list. Thanks though and you know I love you more. You are like one of my own and as I said on my blog recently, we are so blessed to be a close loving family. Love to you and yours, Aunt Martha

Resia said...

I guess I'll have to do this. I used all my bullets on the last person who sent me junk email.