Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Week Down, and on to Week One!

Yep, you read the title of this post right..."One Week Down, and on to Week One." While the girls have their first week of school under their belt, Jeff is on to week one of (cue the football music) Football!!!!! Here's the lowdown on what's going on at the Hickman Home and at the places where the Hickman family goes. The girls really did love their first week of school. I, of course, have had numerous reservations about moving them to a new school to once again adjust, but why do I worry? God always answers exceedingly above what I can imagine. I have moved my whole life and readjusted just fine, but it's different when it comes to your babies! I have just chosen to see it this way...we are right where God wants us...each of us! So, they all love their teachers, made some new friends along the way and threw a few surprises in for us to boot! Here's a few highlights for each girl:
McKenna - as we mentioned, she's in an all girls' class and is really loving it! Her favorite class, she says, is orchestra. This year she is playing the violin and I may be premature in saying, but the girl may have found her passion. I've not seen her this excited in a very long time. She is looking to play soccer in the near future, so I'm just really thankful for how far God has brought her. She, once again, made dinner last night. We enjoyed London broil, lima beans (which the girls thought were called Lyman beans), mashed potatoes and gravy and chocolate chip cupcakes with strawberry icing!! Yummy! She is such a servant and we're so proud of the way that she desires to serve us with her love of cooking!
Bailey - always the most optimistic out of the girls, she hasn't had a negative thing to say about school at all. She is the social butterfly and knows who likes whom in her class and keeps us up to date on all her friends' lives. She is still very much in summer mode though and hasn't quite been ready to settle down and do homework! ;)
Avery - well, she is staying so sleepy now that school is back in. She tells me she almost falls asleep every day at school, and she goes to bed every night at 8!! She does love school...especially recess, she says, because it's the time she gets to see her BFF, Addie, and play!
She has been practicing her writing, though, and seems determined to hunker down and be serious about her schooling! :)
Quinn - she and I have just really enjoyed spending time together these last few days. She is a booger, don't get me wrong. She can singlehandedly destroy a room in seconds, but she does it with a smile on her face! We've enjoyed playdates and today we anticipate a trip to the library. She just soaks up life each day and makes her Mama happy just smiling at her and saying, "OK." It's the cutest thing you've ever heard!
Jeff is back to coaching at DR Hill. He is enjoying it and it fulfills his inner football star! :) He is adding another dimension to his love this season by being the color commentator for Byrnes' High School Touchdown Club radio/internet broadcast. He's been "practicing" his radio voice! :)
Log on to Byrnes' Football and check him out. We anticipate a lot of his "Green Pond" accent coming out! :)
As for me, I'm fighting a bad back, so all of my glorious plans once school started have kind of been on an ordered HALT by my chiropractor. I am grateful for the time to kick back and relax though.
Church is going so well, too. We have now moved to two services on Sunday mornings and it has been a great change. Jeff is faring well, so far, with more preaching. He is usually so worn out from once, I wondered how twice would be! So far, so good. We were blessed this past Sunday to hear a message on The Covenant and as a symbol of covenant, we rejoiced to include a wedding in our service of a couple from LifeSong. We are so blessed that they wanted to share their special day with us and use it as a testimony to everyone. I personally think Sunday weddings are wonderful. What a way to worship.
Thank you for your continued prayers for our family. God is blessing us more than we can even imagine!

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