Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time Away

It was so good to get away with my sweet husband these last few days. Thanks to some dear friends of ours, we were able to take a trip to Charleston for some alone time. Charleston is one of our favorite places...for a number of reasons. Jeff is from nearby, we both graduated from Charleston Southern and we just really, really love everything about the city. It's fun to go back and try something new each time we go, plus revisit a few of our favorite places. We loved eating lunch our first day there at 82 Queen. Their She Crab Soup is to die for. Even on a humid Charleston day, it's totally worth eating soup outside in the courtyard. The pickled okra with my BLT was awesome, too! The birds, the Carolina Wren, to be specific, joined us for lunch, too. Jeff thought it was a good idea to keep feeding them crumbs, causing them to sit by our feet just wait for another morsel! UGH! I did not like them being so close to my personal space, but we got good pictures and a good story, nonetheless! We loved just walking around downtown and walking and talking. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have uninterrupted conversation! Dating my husband is the most important time to me, and something I am happy to say, we do a lot, but time away is always precious to us. It's good to get out of our normal everyday surroundings and just talk about whatever!
We also enjoyed trying out a new place for dinner...The Boathouse at Breach Inlet on the Isle of Palms. Jeff and I love the Isle of Palms because it's where he proposed to me and I tell you, the view there never disappoints! It was breathtaking! I ate crab cakes in a green tabasco sauce with collard greens and blue cheese slaw. I am telling you about what I ate because I know that Resia wants to know! Jeff ate clam linguine. No night in Charleston would be complete without going to our favorite dessert place, Kaminsky's. Jeff had marbled cheesecake, which, if you have ever been there, is pretty much cut as HALF the cheesecake! I had a southern caramel pecan cake. To die for!!! Their coffee is also out of this world good!
The girls enjoyed hanging out in Charleston with their cousins and our niece, Genny, did a great job of taking care of them for us! She is awesome, and will certainly be a wonderful mother one day herself.
So, that's what we've been up to these last few days as we get everyone ready to go back to school. We go into it with some nice memories and feeling a little more relaxed!


The Greene Family said...

Boathouse is one of our favorites! Glad you got to try something new and sounds like ya'll had fun!

Resia said...

Collard greens and slaw, YUCK! Crab Cakes and Cheesecake... What more could a girl ask for?