Monday, August 4, 2008

Missing...Part Two

Only because I know you have been on the edge of your seats this weekend for Part Two (sarcastic), here I go. It's really just because I like to finish what I started that I can't go another day and not complete this post. last time I wrote about some very "non-deep" things, but today just might be a little different! I might go deep!
I have found myself missing my childhood friends more and more these last few weeks. I am a person that likes to go back and re-evaluate where I've come from that has made me into who I am. Recently, I studied about Joshua's leading to place the stones at Gilgal as a reminder of all God did and how His promises were fulfilled. I am kind of that way about a lot of things. I like to look back. I know, had it not been for Godly friends in my life, I would not be where I am. That sounds so "speechy," but I love these friendships that have lasted the test of time. My two very best friends in the whole wide world are Lana and Amy...OK....most of the friends I've had in my life are named Amy. Back in High School, it was an Amy, Amy, Amy and LANA! Anyway, Lana and Amy Harless are friends that you can go months and not speak to, and they love you just the same, they do not conjure up some story as to why I haven't spoken to them in months, or hold it over my head if I don't call, write or come see. They are the constants - the steadfast - in my life. We are different as day and night. Lana is completely a organized, yet fly by the seat of her pants, kind of girl. She never thinks before she speaks and she could be misconstrued as a liberal, but watch out...don't tell her that, because politically, she is as conservative as they come, but in her day to day life, don't let any man tell her what to do! She is goal-oriented and disciplined, while always keeping the "spice of life" quality in her life at the max! Had we grown up in this country together, no doubt I would not have given her the time of day, and if I had become friends with her, she would've gotten me in a load of trouble! :) She laughs at everything I say and loves me with everything, too. She is the friend I've had the longest in life and I plan on having even longer. I know she loves God passionately and without reservation, and just knowing her makes me want to love Him more, too.
Amy Harless is my friend that is the most like me, but yet just different enough, too. She has always had a motherly quality about her. She loves to take care of everyone in her, friends, acquaintances...whomever! It's no surprise that she is a Labor and Delivery nurse. She has a heart for others and is loyal to you 'til the end. After rooming with her forever in boarding school, I can tell you that there was rarely a time that we weren't laughing. She has an infectious laugh and you cannot be around her and not be happy. She will do whatever it takes to show you that she loves you, and to share the love of Christ with others. I am so proud of her for following God's leading to be a foreign missionary. She doesn't know where she will serve, but is just obedient to whatever God has for her. She is one of those people you have in life that is truly an "iron sharpens iron" kind of friend.
There are several more people that are like this for me, but I especially miss these two right now. I am hoping that they will read this and decide that we need a girls' weekend somewhere. Chances are, if we do, you'll find us laughing our heads off, looking through old photos of high hair and beige and navy uniforms, cocking our "guns" shouting "ready, aim, fire," and crying a little, too, because we're just like that.
Yep, these two are like a Gilgal time in my life. A time I like to revisit because knowing them has made me a better me. Hopefully, we'll see each other soon and I can tell them to their face, but I love them very much and yes, miss 'em a little, too!

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