Thursday, May 7, 2009

Amy Grant

I grew up thinking Amy Grant and I were related because we shared the same first name, until I realized that everyone from the mid 60s to late 70s named their daughters Amy. Trust me...I have at least five very good friends from high school named.....AMY! Anyway, I've always loved Amy Grant. I love her style of music and she was the very first concert I ever went to. She was with Michael W. Smith and when she sang El Shaddai, I cried. I did. I'm not ashamed. Through the years, I've celebrated Christmas with her..."Breath of Heaven." Even wanted to move to Tennessee just for Christmas...."Tennessee Christmas." I just like her. I do! I may slightly covet her hair, too...just maybe.

So, she has a new release coming out and I'm linking you to iTunes to hear some of it's selections.

OH, and if you like a Giveaway, you can link here and try and beat me. I dare you!


Vanessa said...

Ok, so on our trip to Nashville we found a book with addresses to country singer's homes. Amy Grant and Vince Gill were listed on there so we took a picture of their address and used Garmin Electra to take us there. It's a beautiful home but now I am so nervous about entering BooMama's giveaway - what if I actually win! What if Amy Grant calls me, what would I say? "Ummmm, hi Amy I was a stalker and drove to your house to take pictures. Thanks for calling me. I love you!" So...I haven't entered the giveaway.

Amroosie said...

That's hilarious! I would have totally done the same thing. You definitely need to enter the giveaway, though. You could say, "Hey, now that I know where you live, when can I come for dinner?"
I did freak a little, too, when I saw the "receive a phone call part!" I'd be the nerd who would tell her that I thought we were related b/c we had the same FIRST name. How lame!