Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me With You...Officially Released Today

You might be sick of reading about me telling you to go buy my cousin's book, but it'll be alright...
"Me With You" is the story of a grandparent's love. It is the perfect book/gift for that preschooler that you hold dear, and with all the kindergarten graduations occurring right now, it is the perfect gift for the little graduate. I would buy this book for each of your children to have has a keepsake, for sure! My cousin has always been extra special to me, and more of a friend to me than just a family member. She is so talented and her personality and love draw you in the moment you meet her, and from the very first moment you read that first page of "Me With You."

Let me know how you like it when you buy it. I am so proud of my cousin, Kristy!

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