Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Me With You Winner!

I completely did not want the responsibility of choosing a winner to fall on me, so I pleaded with my author cousin, Kristy, to read all of your comments and choose a winner. Apparently, indecisiveness runs in our family, because she couldn't choose a winner either, so in good 'ole school random fashion, she opted for the draw a name out method. I will post what she had to say about each of your comments and you'll see at the end how she made her selection. Very creative, if I do say so! Here's what Kristy had to say....

I absolutely couldn't pick a winner. Each time I thought, "Oh, yes, this one" and then I'd read the next one and be hooked again.

I wanted to pick Vanessa because of the many, many memories I have of homemade strawberry ice cream with my Papa.

I wanted to pick Autumn because I think it's adorable that she called her grandpa Grandkad, and it reminds me of our cousin Allen calling our grandma Nannoo and then that is what all the cousins ended up calling her too.

I wanted to pick Lynna because of the loving sacrifice she made in caring for a grandmother whose mind has gone and because when she reads ME WITH YOU she may see herself more as the adult in the story.

I wanted to pick Tricia because
I too remember running my fingers over the veins in my Nannoo's and Grandma's hands. Why did we find those veins so interesting? :)

And I wanted to pick Donna because she honed in on what I think is so true about grandparents: "She knew how to make everything in life special." I know the time I spent with my grandparents was like that, and I think it's one of the key themes in ME WITH YOU.

I wanted to pick "The Pettigrew's" because their story reminded me, once again, of my own Nannoo. She was loved by so many and a stranger to no one. Her name lived on because of the love so many had for her.

So, all that to say, I couldn't pick and I just wrote all the names down on a piece of paper, folded them all up, threw them all up in the air, and when they landed on the floor, the dog picked up one of them and brought it to me,


So, congratulations, TRICIA! Another reason I (Amy) just could choose a winner is that all of you are such sweet friends to me that I want you ALL to win, which leads me to say, "Tricia, you so deserve this! I can see you now reading to Ashley, Nathan and Daniel." I wish I could send a copy of this book to all of you, but I do hope you will make this book your favorite gift to give, favorite story to read to your children and lasting memory to hold on your bookshelf!
Tricia, I'll get your copy in the mail to you soon! :)


The Pettigrew's said...

Yeah Tricia!!! You will love this book. I actually went yesterday to buy my son a copy. I bought the last one out on the shelf in Spartanburg B & N. I loved it! Tucker wanted to read it over and over and over last night.

Thanks Kristy for your time and thoughts that went into this book. Can't wait to see you in August!

Tricia said...

I am so excited!! I usually don't win things! I can't wait to read it to the kids, they love their grandparents!! Thank you.

Vanessa said...

I guess I'll head to Barnes and Noble this weekend! :) Congrats Tricia!