Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friends that Make you Laugh

Well, I love my friends so much. Not often enough do I have the opportunity to kick back for a little girl time, but yesterday, the opportunity came my way and I seized it. Tina, Amy D., Beva, Barbie, Misty and I went to Tina's house to hang out. Tina had an awesome lasagna ready for us. Amy D. added a salad, I added the bread, and Barbie brought a killer dessert. We started off right with fork and knife in hand, chowed down, and some people had seconds, but I can't say who! Maybe me...maybe not! It was our time, so it's really none of your business, OK?!!
After dinner, we went to Tina's gameroom and started the competitive part of the night with a little Guesstures and Taboo. Ok, well, this is where I have a dilemma. I ended up a loser! I don't like to lose, ya know? I do mean loser in the truest sense of the word, too! I was not part of one team that won! What? Was it me? I think NOT! That's just the way it happened. I was a winner, though in laughing so much my sides hurt and I am actually sore today because of it! You cannot play Guesstures and not laugh and along the way, you learn a little about yourself, too. My nugget of newfound wisdom is that I discovered that I have the capabilities of Rockette! That's right. I kicked a leg up pretty good if you ask me! I know that my friends laughed at me, and that is quite alright, because I felt invigorated! I felt as though I had embodied the life of a Rockette, if not but for a few short seconds! It was worth it...impersonating a Rockette, just so my team would give the answer. However, they didn't get it right! The other team guessed for them! Oh, well...whatever! We had fun laughing at one another. Beva with her chocolate teeth. Amy D. just being herself. Tina using the same red plastic cup to demonstrate every word she had to describe, even if it didn't make sense. Barbie doubled over in laughter just because it felt good. Misty trying to describe the word "kamakazi".
These are just a few of the highlights of the night. I love my friends for making me laugh, giving me some good memories, and giving me a lot to look forward to as we go back to Tina's next year I hope! What a great weekend it's been. Thanks for the laughs!

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