Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Happenings

Well, it's been a week. Ok, no, let me correct that! It's been a couple of very long months for us. Since Christmas, we have had one of the Hickman's sick! I am SICK to death of it all! Certainly, I need to reconsider my stock options and acquire stock in Tylenol, Lysol, Sprite, and the list could go on and on! Maybe God is trying to tell me something, and right now I think that 'something' is to "SLOW DOWN"! Ok, Lord, I am listening. This week, I have stayed at my house everyday...YES, EVERYDAY! I am typically a homebody, but I've had enough. I haven't even gotten my Target fix this week. For those of you who know me really well, pick yourselves up off the floor from shock, and read that line again. That's right, NO Target! I think this is what a person going through detox must feel like. I think I noticed a case of the shakes last night.
Really, though, I am tired of the sickness. We have had enough. Quinn went to the doctor Monday, and quite frankly, scared me half to death. From what my Mom tells me, I had the croup at lot as a little person. Well, let me tell's very different when it's not you and it's your child. I did the whole rushing Quinn outside thing just so she could breathe. It was not fun. To top things off, she has a double ear infection. She also had to get a shot of steroids for the croup. What?? Did I mention we've had enough?!
Well, today is a new day, and we hope we are on the road to recovery. In an effort to bring back some normalcy to the home, I tried to capture some video of returning to normal. Quinn is becoming quite the walker, so enjoy this video of her walking some more "Big Girl" steps. The bottle in her hand may dispute that title, but that bottle was completely her Mommy and Daddy caving in just so we could baby her while she is sick. She has been completely rid of the bottle for a while now, but we just felt sorry for her.
Also, enjoy these pics of her enjoying her new wagon she got from Meme and Papa for her birthday. She enjoys a spin in the wagon each day when we get home from school pick-ups. Her sisters take her on a ride before even coming into the house for snacks and homework. Not sure who is having more fun with it - them or Quinn!

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**TRACY** said...

How cute! I guess your life is about to get really interesting again with Quinn walking! Hope she will be completely well soon! We've had our share of the croup with Corey. I know your pain!