Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Quinn!

This time last year I was in a hospital room watching pitocin drop slowly through an IV, awaiting the birth of our fourth daughter. I remember it like it was yesterday, giving me some hope that I am not as old as I really am if I can remember details so well. :) The day was beautiful, just like today. My doctor was generous and let me have an epidural pretty much immediately, so my pain was ....NIL, NADA, NONE! The only pain I felt all day was watching my two sisters eat Subway sandwiches and big cookies in front of me, while I munched on ice chips, pretending they were something else - a steak, maybe? Time came for some pushing, and just as quick as it started, it was over. Yep, that's right. I am a one pusher. I knew that one day these big hips would be good for something, and I have four gorgeous daughters to prove it. In one strong push, there she was...Quinn Olivia Hickman, 7 and 1/2 lbs, 20 in. long. Somewhat a surprise child, to say the least, but our fourth, precious daughter nonetheless. During my pregnancy with her, we were going through some changes in our family. We were leaving a church to begin another. As I recall, when God began to deal with our hearts about church planting, I remember hearing (let me just pause and say this was another CLEAR memory) my husband Jeff saying, "Amy, if for some reason you got pregnant, you know we can't start this new church. It would be too hard." What? Me? Pregnant? Why in the world would I be pregnant? Well, obviously, God had other plans, so on a sunny day on June 7th, I went to the movies with my sister, Missy, and I just had this feeling that something wasn't right and I just might be pregnant, so after the movies, we took our girls back to Missy's mother-in-law's house to swim, but not before I made a pit stop at CVS for a pregnancy test. I couldn't take the test fast enough. Before it even had time to register, there it was, clear as a bell...TWO LINES! Ughhhhh! All I could think of is, "Jeff is going to kill me!" As I recall, that's what I kept saying to Missy over and over. I could only hear his words of days earlier - "Amy, if for some reason you got pregnant, you know we can't start this new church." So, I did something I have never done before. I called Jeff on the phone to tell him the news. Nope, no in person telling of this news. I was terrified. Now, you know my Jeff. He doesn't really get angry very easy, so deep down, I knew I didn't have to worry, but nonetheless, I called with the news. It went something like this..."Jeff, are you sitting down? I have something to tell you and I am afraid you are going to kill me." Jeff replied, "It's ok, whatever it's ok!" I said, "No, it's not ok. I'm preeeeeeegnnnnant!" He said, "Are you serious?" "Ummm, Yes I'm serious! Please don't be mad. You said we couldn't start the church if I was."
Jeff's words still ring in my ears to this day. "Let me tell you something. We are not going to worry, but instead we are going to celebrate life." You know what? That is exactly what we did. We started that pregnancy celebrating, and we are celebrating that little life today. Our Quinn is a pure joy. And, if you know her, you know that to be very true. When has there ever NOT been a smile on her face? She is a light to everyone that meets her. So, today, our sweet Quinn, we celebrate you. You are life to us, and you in your innocence, have healed the hearts of your mommy and daddy more than you will ever know. You gave us a confidence and a passion for our world through your coming. As you know, everyone, God still allowed us to start that church. Want to know the name? LifeSong! How's that for God's leading? Thank you Quinn for being a vessel of hope and love. Our prayer is that you grow to be a woman of God that changes lives, just like you've changed ours!

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The Blessed Bryants said...

Happy Birthday, Little Quinn! I can't believe you are already one! Seems like yesterday when I was eating my sub sandwich while your mommy ate ice chips! :) You are a precious little girl and I love you very much! I'm so proud to be your aunt!!
Aunt Missy